Friday, 6 August 2010


Off to Mullion today, as Kezzy wanted to go horse riding. We had to get her there for 1.45 to kit her out before her ride, so spent some time exploring the village and this church. It has a traditional Cornish ceiling and is famous for having a dog flap on the church door.
Kezzy wanted to have a western saddle on her horse Taz, as she has never used one before.

While she went for her two hour ride we went to Poldhu Cove to eat our lunch and watch the surfers and wander along the beach.

After Kezzy's ride we went to St Ives, it was heaving, just like Oxford Street in London! I loved looking in the galleries but it was far too busy for my liking to see very much and also I didn't want to leave mum sitting in the car too long.

Another day over!

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