Thursday, 26 August 2010


I managed to finish my vessel this evening, wasn't sure if I would.
Next job on my list is to put the hands on King Henry. I have already coloured them with alcohol inks ready for stitching tomorrow. Off to Mums for the Bank Holiday weekend, we would normally go Friday night, but Hubby wants to travel in daylight so will leave earlyish Saturday instead.
I shall work on embellishing my RRC vessel while at Mums. These are the bits I bought at FOQ to use on it, more bling, you can tell I live in Essex!!

I like to have a list to help me keep focused on what I need to achieve. I find though as one thing is crossed off, I need to add at least two more to my never-ending list!


Diane Kelsey said...

Your vessel really is lovely. Safe journey to see your mum, she will be pleased to have the support.

Gina said...

Your vessel looks beautiful.

JP said...

wow - glad you got all the bling you needed!

Linda said...

Sharne this vessel is just beautiful, and I'm thrilled to see it almost done. Love the beads, etc., you purchased. I'm a sucker for BLING myself........LOL...... All of the photos on your blog are wonderful. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

It looks really gorgeous...lovely colours.