Friday, 13 August 2010

The first cut.

It took a bit longer to start cutting than I anticipated. When I washed out the water soluble the other week, it had left a few white marks, so first thing this morning, I gave it a soak and hung it up to dry.
Late this afternoon when I had time to do some stitching, I notice the alcohol ink had washed off the beads ( I didn't think it was supposed to do that!)- so I had to re-bead those areas as well as the area that I didn't finish yesterday. More photo's when all the cutting is finished, hopefully this week, fingers crossed. Still thinking about how to embellish my King, can't put flowers on him to match the Queen.
All packed up and ready for FET with Nickie tomorrow.


JP said...

it is looking gorgeous

Kayla coo said...

Yes, looks beautiful.x