Saturday, 7 August 2010

This 'n 'that.

The Thursday evening before going on holiday, after getting everything packed, I manged to escape to my playroom.
I had bought this necklace in Primark, but I wanted to change the colour as it was a rather insipid pink. First of all I attacked it with some sand paper, cleaned it of all the dust then coloured it with 2 different colour alcohol inks. I was pleased with how it turned out and now I have got to do something similar to one of Mum's necklaces.
I also made this 30th anniversary card for a blogging friend. I am hoping to meet her in the flesh at the FOQ all being well.

Although my holiday didn't go quite as planned, I did manage to track down some Carn pottery. I couldn't find the shape vase that I have used in my textiles but I hope to use the first one in some way eventually.

I got this one in St. Ives and the one below at the Lizard

I had an email on Wednesday to say my ALQS4 quilt had arrived safely in Tasmania and that she was very happy with it, what a relief!

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maggi said...

What a great way to turn something mass-produced into a unique piece. Your anniversary card and vases are gorgeous. Can't believe that it is only ten days (not counting today) to FOQ