Monday, 30 August 2010


Here is the vessel before I started taking off the beads along the top. The four corner pockets are heavy and keep pulling the vessel inwards and the beads wont sit nicely. If I was allowed to turn the pockets out, the vessel stays in shape. As I can't, once all the beads are off I shall put something firm, as yet to be decided, along the edge before re-beading.
I have put little purple beads on the end of each spiral, used some of the little flowers in the circles.


Diane Kelsey said...

What a shame! I wanted the pockets on the outside, but there was a mark on the lining.

Regina said...

very interesting....I know that you will figure it all out. Your work is awesome!!!

nicola said...

I am so impressed at your diligence, makes me feel guilty, haven't even started mine, but don't tell the rest of the girls!!!!