Monday, 23 August 2010

FOQ, and there's more!!

I forgot to post a picture of this wonderful figure created by Marie Roper, if money was no object this would be in my lounge now!!! I don't know why it only got 2nd!!! I got to meet up with JP, aka Janice. She won a book on my blog some time ago and since then we have been keeping in touch. When we found out that we were going to be at the FOQ at the same time we arranged to meet for coffee. We had so much to talk about!!! I felt like I was meeting with a friend of many years. Great to meet you Janice.

Nickie and I had a fantastic time, even though we were there for 2 days we still didn't get to see everything. Next year we will be going for 3 days at least!
Now off to pack my FOQ shopping.


Gina said...

I was already thinking I needed to go for more than one day. I keep seeing loads of pics on blogs of things I didn't manage to see.

JP said...

I really must loose some weight!!!!!!!!!!!!