Monday, 30 August 2010

It looks a lot like Autumn is here

A lovely weekend at Mum's. She is now just beginning to take a few steps without her crutch, and is looking forward to being able to start driving again soon. Alan and I had lots of little jobs to do for her. One, was to deliver some post locally and as I don't go anywhere without my camera.......... A bee on echinops-above.
With all the rain we have had, it will be a good crop of blackberries this year.

And the same for elderberries.

Half way home it started raining hard, and as I was taking this photo, I was getting some very strange looks from the men outside the pub opposite standing in the smoking shelter.

Mum says that this is a sure sign that Autumn is here, these are growing under her apple trees.
I have been stitching the beads on my RRC vessel and having spent a lot of Saturday and a good bit of Sunday stitching Indian silver beads all along the top, I am not happy with how they are sitting- I feel it is going to be a case of a lot of reverse stitching tonight!

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