Monday, 23 August 2010

FOQ cont.

While waking round the show I tried to find the work created by the artists whose blogs I read.
Carolyn's lovely quilt based on her home town of St. Ives. And another more detailed picture. Lovely embellishments used but my photo does not do it justice.
The one above is by Margaret, water is so hard to capture, but she certainly achieved it here.

Above and below by Sandra, sorry for the blurred image, it is hard to hold the camera still when loaded up with bags. I love ferns, we have a bed of ferns in our garden and I get great pleasure watching them unfurl.

Below is Julie's quilt inspired by her holidays in St. Ives.

Below is Helen's quilt, you can just see the delicate stitching of birds on a branch in my photo. I don't know how she managed to get it finished in time with all that has been going on in her life!

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Julie said...

Thanks for including my quilt here Sharne. I'm sorry not to have seen you at the show. Did Janice tell you we met by chance? JP recognised me as we were both leaving separate lectures, how much of a coincidence is that? We had another quick natter the next day too, in the food area again by chance.