Friday, 27 August 2010


I so enjoyed the 02 exhibition at Hyde Hall, that I went back for a second viewing today with Diane, Jackie and Miriam. I just couldn't walk past these berries without taking some photo's. Yesterday when I was in my garden, you could smell and feel Autumn in the air, and these berries just prove it.
We all enjoyed the exhibition and they have sold quite a few pieces of work. We had lunch in the lovely old barn, before going our separate ways.
I spent a couple of hours with my friend Eric, a lovely man who forgets he is 96 and wanted to climb up the ladder to the loft while I was there!!
Back home instead of creating with fabric or paint, I did some cooking. First of all Prawn Pooris- an Indian fried bread with a curried prawn and spinach topping, for our evening meal. Then 'teabag stew' aka beef carbonade- beef cooked in Newcastle Brown with a garlic bread topping and last of all the strawberry and mascarpone flan to take to Mum's tomorrow.
The hands are now sewn on my King so that is another job crossed off my list:0)

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Diane Kelsey said...

I'm glad that there were no pictures of me! Good company and I agree an excellent exhibition. I will pop in again as Hyde Hall is so near.