Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Henry has been crowned this evening and his antennae are also in place. I have managed to spend another hour cutting around the flowers on the panel, the end is now in sight. I have also continued working on my vessel. I would like to get the water soluble washed out before I go away to the FOQ, so that I can start to embellish it Saturday evening at the hotel.

I have got Tony's wife round for lunch tomorrow, so I have made the cake that Gina posted about at the weekend. It was so easy and it really does taste good, and I shall be making it again next week to take to Mum's.

I have also made the Stilton and apple bread that we had at Cambridge on Saturday. I am not sure how it will taste, as Nickie popped round and we were so busy talking I didn't hear the alarm go, to signal that I had to add the Stilton. It's in, but I don't know how well mixed it is as it was at the cook stage by then! It does smell good enough to eat though.



Sharne you amaze me!

Regina said...

Awesome for some reason I need to go to the kitchen and fix me somethin to eat...hehe!!!