Sunday, 15 August 2010


This morning I made several spiders homeless, getting rid of their webs while I was doing the dusting. I couldn't put it off any longer as I have some visitors this week!
The flower panel has had about half of the background cut away, but had to give up when I started going boss-eyed trying to see where the stitching was.
So I did some more work on my vessel, more embroidery to do on it tomorrow night.
I have also made the wings, feet and crown for Monarch 2. I don't want to put flowers on him like Queen Bess, so I have been trying out a few ideas, but all looking a bit girly. I need to sleep on it, and maybe I'll get inspired.
I have got a meeting tomorrow with the new lady I shall be working with. I have tried to avoid all thoughts of work as I am truly dreading the new term and the change to my role.
Kezzy survived her D of E weekend, this was only a trial run, which she passed, so she is now allowed to go ahead and do it for real.


Miriam Weaver said...

The panel is looking really good, I love the colours.

Diane Kelsey said...

Perhaps you could link the insect to all the wives Henry had instead of the flowers. Not sure what though!

Wendy Coyne said...

your panel is looking scrummy, it will be worth all the work I am sure.