Thursday, 12 August 2010


A lovely morning at Diane's looking at textile books and drinking coffee. ;0) We were supposed to be planning the workshop for the first meeting of YE next term.
The last photo of Queen Bess as she is now finished.
Her feet have been coloured with acrylic paints, and her toes painted with a permanent ink drawing pen. Shoes made from forming felt and the same lace as her ruff.
Back to beading my wall hanging.



Hi Sharne, I'm sorry I forgot you were coming to St. Ives but we had visitors and a wedding to go to so it was a bit hectic anyway. Would love to meet up at half term. When is it?

I love your art doll. You are sooooooo clever. It's gorgeous. I've missed so many of your beautiful posts. August is a busy month for me. We have a lot of visitors in the school holidays. Think I will take the summer off blogging next year!

Email me the half term dates so we can try and work out something. Nice to meet for a cuppa and a chat


Diane Kelsey said...

She really is wonderful, I just love her feet. I can't wait to see her in the flesh at the exhibition.

Julie said...

I love Bess's feet :)

Miriam Weaver said...


Anonymous said...

Adore the feet. The lace as a strap over the feet is inspired!