Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Monarch Butterfly II???

While I have been making Queen Bess, my mind has been working on making mark 2. I wanted to try a King next. I got this image of Henry 8th on Google.
Doing his face has been a challenge, none of my books show how to paint a face on a male doll, he looked at times like he could be a singer for Village People. (hubby says his eyes are still too girly) I shall start to make his hat tomorrow, not a crown this time, well not at the moment anyway, it depends on whether he is regal enough in a beret. I bought a new Adirondack Alcohol Ink today, Watermelon, and at last I have now got beads the right shade for my wall hanging.

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Julie said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog Sharne. I like your 'Bess' now she's finished.

My quilt is in the Contemporary section and it's number 381. I hope I will still be able to go next week. I'm there from Thursday to Saturday. I'm also hoping I may get to your exhibition in Maldon in September.