Friday, 20 August 2010

FOQ here we come!!

I have nearly completed melting away the surplus fabric around the flowers but had to give up when I couldn't see my stitching in artificial light. I am taking it away with me to Birmingham in case I get a chance to start stitching on some beads. At the moment it is only pinned on my glass vessel to give you an idea of what it should look like. Mum is going into hospital at the beginning of September and I m going down to look after her for a few days. I shall need some hand stitching to do. So just in case I didn't have the right beads and need to buy some at the FOQ, I have trialled a few tonight. As it has a raw edge at the top, I have decided to do buttonhole stitch with a bead, ala Linda Kemshall. I found I had the right beads, though rather small, I like them, my other silver beads are just too big and bright.

My bags are packed and I will be in bed this side of midnight for a change as it will be an early start tomorrow.

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kiwicarole said...

Sharne, your flowers are very pretty!