Saturday, 7 August 2010

Back to Essex.

Every morning before breakfast, Josh, sometimes Zach and I would have a making and painting session. Over the holiday we made three different types of books and...... flags to go on their sandcastles. I am so glad that I packed some art supplies, not that I got to use them in my book.
The car packed we set off home via Culdrose, Alan wanted to do a bit of plane spotting.

Thank goodness it was a much better journey home, I had to get Alan to stop in a little village near where mum lives in Buckingham, so that I could get a photo of this amazing sunset.


Julie said...

I've enjoyed sharing your holiday in Cornwall. The farmhouse looks beautiful and it must have been lovely to sit in the conservatory. We are going to St Ives in September when hopefully the crowds will have died down.

I enjoyed all you photos. Thanks for sharing :)

The Happy Apple said...

I love the colours in the sunset photo...gorgeous and inspiring.

maggi said...

Loved sharing your holiday photos. The mention of Mullion brings back many happy memories. Good to see Poldhu again as I worked in the Poldhu Hotel (which I believe is now a nursing home) through the summer many years ago. The sunset photo is gorgeous, no wonder you wanted to stop to take it.

Miriam Weaver said...

Glad you had a lovely holiday, St. Ives is lovely but not when its crowded.