Sunday, 19 September 2010

Vessel ala Lynda Monk.

Hubby and I both have a job to part with anything that might just come in useful ONE day. As I couldn't wait to go to the shops to buy a tube, I scoured the house, and found this whiskey tube to use as the former for my vessel. (we must have had this tube at least 12 years)So after cutting voids, I stitched it around the vessel. Xpandaprint was then applied and heated to create texture.
I then painted it with gesso and wont be doing anything else to it tonight.

Tomorrow night it is E.G. with Anne Sillifant. Unfortunately I can't go to the meeting. Instead Hubby and I are going to see Chris again as it would have been her husband's birthday. It will be a difficult day for her.


Gina said...

I'm beginning to think you have more hours in your day than the rest of us Sharne... especially after seeing all those fab puddings!

maggi said...

Love the shape that is appearing at the top

Purple Missus said...

Your vessel looks amazing Sharne. Can't wait to see it once its painted. Pleased you managed to find another tube when some thoughtless person (me) decided to run off with yours. *LOL* Pleased too that I read you will not be able to manage your meeting tonight as I was going to drop you another tube in on the way through. So instead I will make it up to you next time I see you. :))