Saturday, 25 September 2010

Not really a lot to show for my evening in my playroom.  I have made some flowers applied Xpandaprint  and attacked it with the heat gun.  I will not start painting them until I have made all the components that I need, to ensure that they are all of a similar colour.
The rest of my time has been looking for things to hand stitch at Maldon tomorrow.  I am stewarding at our F.E.T exhibition, and if the weather is as bad tomorrow as it has been today, I don't think we will see many visitors.


Diane Kelsey said...

Saturday is always busy in Maldon, lets hope you see some visitors.If it rains they might want shelter.

The Happy Apple said...

I read about your exhibition and saw some photos on Julie's blog. Your wallhanging looks stunning! You seem to do so much stuff; I'm in awe.