Saturday, 18 September 2010

Samples made with Lynda.

The samples above are eight different mediums onto felt, including garnet gel medium(top right) which I liked best. The rust coloured ones are molding paste and gesso on Lutrador.
Distressed Tyvek onto vilene with gesso and the one on the right has ink and salt on top.

Xpandaprint, one onto Lutrador and the other scrim which was then gessoed to vilene.

The start of my vessel, I hope to do finish stitching this tonight but wont start cutting it up until I find my former.

Lynda made some stitched samples for all of us, so that we could experiment with the Golden paints. It must have taken her a long time to prepare all our kits.

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Denise said...

It was a wonderful day! We achieved so much and wasn't she a great tutor?