Friday, 17 September 2010

Snap happy.

As the sun has been shining, I thought I would take some photo's.
This large grass is in my front garden, and with the sun on it and a gentle breeze it creates a golden shimmer. A flower fell off my orchid, I placed it on a mirror to try and capture part of the underside as well.
I don't know what this plant is, it is like the 'Chinese Lantern', instead of orange, the seed heads are turning black. The leaves have little black spots on them to, I shall have to look it up in my gardening book.

Just loved the markings on this Cana Lily, as the leaf is unfurling.

This is the best ever crop of flowers we have had ever on our Yucca, I just liked the beads of moisture on the flower.


Kim Dellow said...

Gorgeous snaps! Thanks for sharing! Kim

maggi said...

Lovely photos. The yuccas have been over for a long time here and were not as good as last year so looks like it was your turn!