Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Cornwall revisited

Having caught up with emails and snail mail, I decided that it was time to do something in my Cornwall journal.
As I didn't get all the arty type of photo's that i was hoping for, I shall use some of my photo's several times but in different ways-well, that's the plan at the moment. A double page spread using napkins I bought when I went to Hyde Hall to see the 02 exhibition. Agapanthus were everywhere in Cornwall, as my mother remarked 'they grow like blooming weeds'. She is now trying to grow some in her garden hoping that they too will multiply.

This photo I printed onto canvas, and using a dyed corner of a tray cloth stitched it to the canvas picture, to make a frame.
A stamped tendril, another photo printed onto canvas but I then applied it to a miniature box frame.
I have made a terrible mess playing and need to do some tidying up before I can go to bed.

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maggi said...

Gorgeous pages. I love the way the agapanthus grows down there. I have one plant up here but it doesn't seem to want to multiply.