Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hundertwasser wall hanging.

All the elements have been machine stitched in place with blanket stitch.  The quilting is complete and now I have the borders to stitch on.

I needed some fabric for backing and borders so popped to Tylers Patch at Barleylands.  As I passed Craft Arena, I saw the new QA was in - bedtime reading!!


Mermaid's Purse said...

I adore Hundertwasser ....... the hanging is gorgeous - lovely colours!


Awesome! I had never heard of Hundertwasser until last year! I had to do a journal page for one of the gals in the Netherlands who is in our art group and that was her theme.

Your piece is so gorgeous!

Also enjoyed your vessel pieces! Aren't they great?! I loved seeing your group's pieces! Alas, I can not take credit in coming up with the concept. It was Leilani's challenge and her article. I was just one of the participants:) Loved that you pulled it together with a country theme!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely .. of course! I also liked your cover on the magazine. I've been thinking this morning, about how I could quilt a figure without having those awful lines that make people look old. The cyclist is a simply brilliant idea. I wonder if you could let me know her name so I can do some research? Thanks if you can.

Carolyn said...

Enjoy the new QA. I love your newest piece. Hope you have a good weekend sweetie xo

Carolyn said...

ps. I forgot to swap profiles. I'm LOVE STITCHING RED ;o)