Sunday, 12 September 2010

The finishing touches.

I had a lovely time with my Great Aunt in Norwich, she really enjoyed the chocolate birthday cake I took up for her to share with her friends. I didn't put 103 candles on it, as I was afraid the chocolate might melt!

I have manged to sew on the remaining 'shisha mirrors' and made tassels as the final embellishment. I am looking forward to seeing the other completed vessels when we have a get together at the end of the month. This vessel will go back to Margaret who dyed and printed the fabric.
Now what's next on my list?

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Linda said...

Sharne, this piece is just delightful. Is it red or is it hot pink?? No matter I suppose, it's lovely whatever colour. I love all the elements you've used to make it what it is. Well done.