Saturday, 11 September 2010

FET exhibition

We managed to leave on time to get to Maldon, which is quite a miracle as we were waiting to find out what Kezzy was up to. She was talking about meeting friends in Billercay but as that all fell through, she went down the stables instead. In Maldon, these young men were guarding the Town Hall.
Christine, Ann, Jenny and Nickie worked very hard on Tuesday afternoon getting the work set up. For a small town it was surprising how many people were looking at the exhibition while I was there.

Lee was busy explaining a technique to a student doing fashion design degree at Colchester. She might be coming to our EG too!
Hubby then needed food- so off to a local cafe for homemade cake and coffee, they also happened to sell fabric there too!

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Julie said...

We called in at the FET exhibition on our way to Canvey on Saturday and I was really impressed with the standard of the exhibition. Your flower hanging is so beautiful in reality, you have achieved such a beautiful blend of colour down the piece, it is gorgeous. The insects were fabulous and great fun. Again your king and queen looked wonderful irl :)