Monday, 27 September 2010

A very wet Sunday here!

I have now finished the 2nd butterfly  for the Holocaust Museum will be going in the post this week. (The one I was cutting at our exhibition yesterday ended in the bin as I was not happy with it).
I was hoping to get a lot more done today, but Kezzy needed a lot of prodding to get her homework done.  (It was like watching paint dry-gloss of course!)  In the end she let me help her.  Not much of a Sunday for her, taking her all day to do two subjects!
Because it has rained here all day, I thought I would post these images I took the other day. This rose, apart from the lovely sunset colour,  has the most wonderful smell.

The Morning Glory is such a glorious shade of blue, I still have a lot of buds on this plant, I hope they flower before the frost comes.

I think fungi are so interesting, finding this one brought back happy childhood memories as well.

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