Saturday, 4 September 2010

Busy Saturday

I needed to go to the local nursery twice today, as after the first visit we found out we hadn't bought enough pots for out frost tender plants on the first visit.
Kezzy has been to Carver Barracks with the Air Cadets and came home very happy as her team came second and she got a trophy (she lost it on the way home mind you!)
I have been getting ready to go down to Mums tomorrow morning, I wont be home until Thursday, so no blogging from me for the duration. I am taking my RRC vessel away with me to finish embellishing.
Nickie, Hubby and I are off to the Village Hall tonight for a shin dig to raise money for a cancer charity, it will be nice to see friends but Nickie and I are really wanting to get some stitching done instead.



La vie quotidienne nous emmène doucement vers l'avenir. Il est bon parfois de relater les choses de la vie telles qu'elles se déroulent, comme simple documentaire ou comme preuve de notre vitalité.

Très cordialement depuis la France,


Diane Kelsey said...

Always a good cause to raise money for, hope poeple give generously. Will be thinking of you and your mum.