Monday, 20 September 2010

Vessel ala Lynda Monk cont.

Continuing work on the vessel, a coat of emulsion was painted over the gesso. I then glued the first line of words and bars of music from 'Yesterday' by the Beatles where the vessel is divided.

It was then time to start adding colour, I have used Golden paints. The base coat and then dried.

Then a second colour was dabbed on and left to dry.

Dabs of grey applied. Then a final wash of colour.

A close up so that you can see the colour. Looking at this picture, you wouldn't know it was made from felt.
I now need to ponder/ work on the embellishment to go in the 'Quant' shape voids at the top.


Diane Kelsey said...

Another lovely vessel inspired by Lynda. Sheila & Denise took their vessels and samples to the meeting. Hopefully there will be a few more at the next meeting.

maggi said...

It really does look as though it is rusting metal. Lovely.

Miriam Weaver said...

Looking good,I love the middle bit on yours with the music. I've zapped mine with the heat gun and applied the gesso.

Jensters said...

Loving whats going on here....very artistic x

Linda said...

Sharne, this is fantastic. Nice to know others are 'hooked' on Lynda Monk!! I love the finished product. I too was a teenage Beatles fan [boy that's a long time ago!!].