Saturday, 18 September 2010

An absolute brill day :0) with Lynda Monk.

If your EG is looking for a workshop to do for your Branch, I can highly recommend Lynda. Sitting on our chair was a bag of goodies, everything we would need for the workshop and extra to play with at home. It contained Tyvek, plain and coloured as well as distressed, lots of felt, pieces of Lutrador, scrim and materials for making a vessel. Just in case we forgot any instructions there was a ................. DVD, and we all got to keep our Thermofax screen as well!!!

It was a very busy day, which is just how I like it, I hate having to stop for lunch when all I want to do is play and learn. This was the start of the morning, Lynda showing us her samples of which she has many, and demonstrating what our first task was. There were eight different mediums for us to stencil onto fabric to see how they looked and which effect we liked best

Here are just some of the samples drying on the table (we had labels in our goody bag, so that we could write which medium we had used in each sample).

After lunch, it was time to play with the Golden paints, another demo.

We also made samples with Xpandaprint. Nickie and I used different makes, and my one from AVG gave the best results.

We had some visitors pop in to see us during the afternoon, Santa and his little helper!
Another demo, this time showing us how to make a vessel

Then it was heads down and start machine stitching.

Although we didn't get to finish the vessel, they are well on the way and hopefully there will be some completed ones at our meeting on Monday night. Mine wont be one, as someone took my former home by mistake, so unless I can find another tube with a similar dimension, I am stuck for the moment.
So if your Branch has get up and go and likes to try new ideas, you know who to contact.
Thank you Lynda for such a great day.

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Julie said...

Lynda is such a generous lady. What a fantastic day you had, wish I could have been there.