Thursday, 30 September 2010


Last night we went to a careers presentation in Basildon.  Kezzy has to decide where she wants to continue her further education as it coming up to the Open Evening's at all the colleges.
What was left of my evening, was spent TRYING to get my photo's to look vintage.  Unsuccessful, must try harder!


Jackie said...

Ooh that fe is a minefield. I don't envy you or her.
Good luck with the phots.

Jensters said...

Oh Sharne i remember doing that with the colleges...we have two here and both mine picked the tec college as the other was to much like school they they also did well...hope you both make the right decision. now whats up with your vintage stuff? x oh and thanks for all the info on the mag, hopefully will ring 2moro to see what they have x As Corrine is gonna send me her copy, bless her x