Wednesday, 22 September 2010

More 'I will use it one day!'

I got up early to use the house computer to print off the minutes from our EG meeting the other week as I have got a Regional Day Committee meeting tonight. After a frustrating hour, I was still unable to print the info as the computer doesn't speak the same lingo as my laptop-aaagggghhhh!!!!!!!. While I was waiting for the computer to chug through all the opening sequences, so as to keep myself busy, I started looking through the box of old photo's that Mum had given me ages ago. I did say, that I have a job to part with anything, it is a family trait! The postcard above came from my paternal Grandmother, unfortunately, the writing on the back has faded with time. All I know is that it is from someone called Henry.

In the photo above, are Christmas cards from WWII, one from my father and one from a family friend both sent to my Grandparents. The photo of the German army was taken by my father when he was a soldier working in reconnaissance.
I shall be doing something with some of the old photo's of my maternal family soon as my cousin is coming over from Jo'burg( I haven't sen him since I was 11) in October and I would like to make him a keepsake.


kiwicarole said...

Wow! That post card is gorgeous!! I wonder who the man was who did send it?? An old boyfriend??

Jensters said...

Great card...what a lovely present that will be, i love giving memories like this.