Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Headless chicken!

I have been trying to work my way through the list of jobs I need to do before going down to look after my Mother on Sunday.
This morning I took a photo of the RRC vessel so that you could see the beautiful colour that Margaret dyed her fabric.
I needed to go to Billericay to sort something out at the Building Society, I couldn't do that as there wasn't anyone on duty to help me, I have an appointment for next Friday. But as I needed to go pass a charity shop, I popped in and found this book for the bargain price of £1. I got this necklace in New Look for £1 also, I have one exactly the same I bought earlier in the year, this one has been reduced as bits are missing from it. I shall be chopping it up ready for use in a future project.
With the holiday photo's I had printed for Mum gathering dust, I have now put them in the small book I made earlier in the year so that I can take it down to her at the weekend.

I am now off to shorten Kezzy's school trousers:0(, I hate that job!
Tonight I have E.G. committee meeting and in school all day tomorrow so no creative work will be on my agenda.

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Julie said...

Love your photobook and the vessel is a fabulous colour.