Saturday, 10 July 2010

Regional Day

Regional Day at Letchworth today in this old school.
Our Y.E had made glasses/masks on a collage background for their entries in the competition 'Vision East'. They were the first ones to go on display. In fact there were in the end very few other entries, such a shame.

The first lecture was on the Tudor wardrobe, thank goodness we don't pin our garments together when we are wearing them.

A very hasty lunch so as not to miss the lecture from Paddy Killer.(too much talking !!) As the microphone was not working properly, it was very hard to hear what she was saying, but we were able to view the slides of her work.

Our youngest Y.E won the competition, she won a selection of Maderia threads. All the Y.E who entered the competition were given a goody bag of threads from Maderia.

The garments in the pictures below are made by students at the school. All from recycled materials.

Black Magic from bin liners.

This jacket, sorry I couldn't get a better photo, the railings were in the way, was created with train tickets. (also had a matching bag)

This dress was made from Lottery tickets. What talent!
We were all given a Maderia goody bag containing a skein of thread and colour charts.

I was quite restrained with my spending. A few packets of beads and some Indian wood blocks, but I did manage to book The Silk Route for our Regional Day next year.

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JP said...

I am impressed with your small number of purchases - well done - hope you are enjoying this evening!