Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A rareity.

For once I didn't have to go out or provide a taxi service, so once I had done some chores it was time to hit my playroom.
I started off by making 3 signature's for a holiday journal to do while in Cornwall, I also made 2 tags to put in when I know where I want them to go. The Cornish pebble paper I bought 4 years ago when I was last in Cornwall, I knew it would come in handy one day!
So I can carry on working on the journal during the evenings, I have packed a large pencil case with useful?? bits.
We will be coming home early from our holiday, as it is going to be Tony's funeral next Friday, and we cant miss that.
I have also done some work to my imaginary insect that I have to make for the FET exhibition. I started it a little while ago, but have yet to make enough progress to make it worthwhile posting a photo of it.
A thank you to everyone who has posted messages regarding Hubby's op, it was a minor op under a local to remove some skin cancer, and quite a small job compared to last time when the cancer was very much larger and he had to have a skin graft too.


maggi said...

The journal is going to be fantastic. I love what you have done so far and you haven't even got to Cornwall yet.

Julie said...

Your bag of bits looks exciting, I hope you get to do some lovely things with your journal in Cornwall. I'm glad your DH is ok. enjoy your holiday and I hope the funeral goes as well as these things can. Safe journey.

JP said...

the journal is going to be great - thinking of you for the funeral