Friday, 23 July 2010

Meals on wheels.

Tomorrow the F.E.T group are meeting at Maldon to view the venue for our exhibition in September and view the Octopus exhibition.
Afterwards we are going to visit Chris, Tony's wife. Whenever I have been there, it has been like Joe's cafe, she is always cooking for a crowd. So for a change, I am taking a meal to her. I have spent this evening cooking two lasagne's, a special cake for Chris, as the other night she said that she had never had a birthday cake, and would like a fruit cake with marzipan. I have used a Simnel cake recipe for her.

I have also made the strawberry and mascapone tart again. The chocolate is deliberately missing from one section as Chris doesn't like chocolate. I just hope I have made enough food, as we don't know who is turning up tomorrow to visit her.As for my textile work, I have only got the last quarter of machine stitching my panel, but I wont be doing any tomorrow.

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smarcoux said...

Yummy Sharon ... oh may need the recipe.

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