Saturday, 3 July 2010

Exhibition 1.

I got home too late to blog about Craft Arena's official opening by the local Mayor last night. Nickie and I were lucky enough to be invited to the evening and to view the exhibition by Nine. Unfortunately we missed the ribbon cutting ceremony,but we had plenty of time to view the textiles and to talk to the artists. There was some lovely work and I will be going back for a second look. The photo below is the members of Nine.

The dolls below are inspired by the 'Muses'

It was then time for me to dash to the works party, the weather being so good we were able to sit in the garden until quite late.

Today up to F.E.T., I need to get working as I need to take my finished piece back to Cottenham by the middle of August!!!! As it was the last meting of the year we had a party lunch ( bang goes the diet this weekend), lots of lauhing and chatting. Driving back, I had the roof down, the sun was shining and I had classical music on the radio- just felt on top of the world!
Tomorrow if the weather is good, I am driving Nickie and I to Thaxted to see ' A Shore Thing'.

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What a wonderful textiley party time weekend you are having