Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I have been wearing my secretary hat for a fair bit of time today. First off was sorting out E.G. letters, magazines etc., and then the weary business of my 'Dodgy Dealer'.
Prepare for a rant:- I spent ages on the phone to the debt collector and they can not go any further unless I part with a lot of money to take him to Court. Having already tried the Small Claims Court and not got anywhere, I don't see what can be achieved by going back and repeating the process, I have already got a C.C.J against him, which he was supposed to have paid last February!! This man has had the granite and money for two years now and there seems no way of getting it sorted out. So far I have tried the Office of Fair Trading, the Police, the Courts and a Debt Collector, all to no avail.
Anyway, when I eventually calmed down, I did yet more machine stitching. I have now done the basic outline on all the flowers, time to start adding additional colour.
I was going to Bluewater tomorrow with my friend from work for lunch and girly shopping, but it has been cancelled at the last moment, as one of my friends needs emergency dental treatment.


Radka said...

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. Your site looks very interesting, I'll be back to have a good read.


Your piece is looking gorgeous. I love the colour graduation. Now, I'm off to stitch on the quilt ... plodding away at it!

Bye for now

maggi said...

I can't wait to see this without the soluble.