Tuesday, 6 July 2010

I have been working on the 'thank you' presents for my T.A.'s tonight. Continuing in the style of Hundertwasser and as I am short of time I am making them A4 in size with 1 house and three trees. I have altered the shape of the trees this time to echo the shape of the roof. End of year meal tomorrow night, but as it is a lot earlier than usual I should be able to do some more work on it when I get in. The Astilbees are a picture in the bog garden at the moment.
My artichokes survived the winter and have more flowers on them than last year.

This Clematis is called Princess Diana, some flowers have 4 petals some have 5-how strange!

It always amazes me, how one minute there is just what look like pine cones, and then these beautiful flowers appear on my Bottle Brush


Diane Kelsey said...

No flowers on my bttle brush yet! You have some lovely plants in your garden.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous Thank You presents! Also impressed with your artichokes.