Sunday, 4 July 2010

2nd exhibition.

I picked Nickie up at 10 o'clock for a very leisurely drive to Thaxted. Before going to the Studio One exhibition we popped into a little shop and found some wonderful goodies. I bought wooden compass's for my Grandsons, an early birthday present for my husband to give me, so I get something I like and NOT something for the car! and a great bag to use for my holiday to Cornwall. I have long admired Zoe Cox's work, and I got the chance to talk to her, she let us take a photo of her with her work. The stitching on those embroideries in the little boxes are exquisite!
Rosemarie O'Hare was exhibiting for the first time.

We loved the centre hanging, Sea Urchin 2, and we were kindly allowed to take a photo of it. Thank you Rosemarie! All that texture!!!

I also admire the deckchair by Janet McKee and the work by Alex Waylet-Wow!!-sorry no photo's. Pamela Jones made some seagulls and puffins that were delightful, I could just see one in my bathroom.
Nickie treated me to a coffee and teacake before the drive back home. I hadn't been in five minutes when my grandsons turned up with ice-creams. They had lots of fun playing with some water pistols of Kezzy's.
Josh was very proud of his new glasses.

Now off to do some tacking on my panel.

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