Saturday, 6 November 2010

Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

 Here is the vessel with a second coat of paint, as you can see the colour is building up.
When that coat was dry, a third colour was worked into the surface.   As I was babysitting last night, that is as far as I got, apart from colouring some Evalon and Lutrador for the linings of the two vessel's.  Zach is frightened by fireworks, and he woke up at ten by an exceedingly loud explosion.  It meant that I got a lot of cuddles:0)
Today I am off with Nickie to Writtle College to have another viewing of the facilities to help us with planning Regional Day in July.   I have also got to go out with Hubby to choose new lights for the kitchen:0(
Tomorrow sees the start of decorating the kitchen as the new cooker should be coming next week.  I don't think I am going to be getting much sewing done this weekend.
Just got time to put the final layer of paint on my vessel before Nickie picks me up.


Jensters said...

Your vessel is looking good Sharne...loving the colour too.....glad you had some nice cuddles and cant wait to see your new kitchen....lots going on hey x

Diane Kelsey said...

There is a great lighting shop near Sainsbury's at Rayleigh.

Julie said...

My ears have pricked up at 'Regional Day in July'. I know Writtle, used to stay there on a farm on Margaretting Road years ago. Could you let me know the date of your Regional Day please? I might be able to come :) Now I'll go back and have a look at your vessels.