Wednesday 30 March 2011

New thread.

I have lost my get up and go this week, as the cough that one of my little cherubs  gave me last week, is keeping me awake at night, so feeling very drained.

 Last week when I went to Craft Arena, Denise had got in some new threads- Aurifil 50, 100% cotton, just had to try them as I have read about them on some of the blogs I read.  I chose colours to use on my Che piece and I love them, they have not broken even though they are stitching through gesso, paint and the usual three layers.  I will be buying more of them in the future. 
Yet another little book for our Regional Day sales table, a different style this time.

Monday 28 March 2011

And a few more.

As life as I knew it, is a bit topsy turvey due to helping Mitch, making these little books means I can still do a bit of stitching when the moment arises.
All is quiet tonight(I shouldn't speak too soon) so I am going to do some work on Che.

Sunday 27 March 2011

Birthday boy.

It was my oldest grandsons birthday on Friday, but because he had school and I had work, I didn't get to see him.  Instead he came to see me after I got home from Y.E. (I had to miss his party). I can't believe how quickly he is growing up!
Had a lovely lazy day visiting Al's relie's in Wellyn Garden City, good weather, food and company.

Saturday 26 March 2011

Nesting boxes with YE

 This is what the girls were making today at our meeting, not quite finished but isn't it great!  Although Libby makes a sample to inspire the girls and show what they are creating, no two piece of work are ever the same.

 Printing, stitching and of course no project is complete without beads and buttons.
Some of the girls were so engrossed in their embroidery, they will have to construct their nest box at home.  All the girls were given a chocolate chick and some eggs to go inside their nest box, ready for Easter.

Thursday 24 March 2011

I can now post a picture of my pennant I have been stitching in my tea breaks at work, now that I know it has arrived safely.  Different fabric, stitched to craft vilene, with lots of hand stitching.

At work this week, I have been making a few more notebooks and sewing in threads on my Che.  There is still a lot more stitching to do, but every time I think I have got a couple of hours free to machine, something crops up.  Last night, it was getting a new  bed for Mitch.  Too big to go in his room, so then spent the evening reorganizing beds and bedrooms.  Today, I have been stitching buttons on the suit I have had to dye   for Rhodri, he is going on a themed Stag weekend in Nottingham on Saturday.
I have been very lucky and had an email to say that I have won a giveaway here.
Another busy weekend coming up!

Monday 21 March 2011

Three more

At last I have finished these little books completley.  The shell on the blue book, is made from Delight, an air drying light weight modeling compound.  I shall be showing our EG Branch members how to make these in June when we have a 'Make it Day'.

The Ruff Lady

Jill Flower came to our Branch tonight to give a talk on her work.  I hadn't realised that she also made beautiful bags too!  Such scrumptious colours and stitching!!

Jill was very generous in answering our questions and letting us handle her bags and look through her sketchbooks.  
The perspex frames set off the work beautifully.
 And these are the ruffs for which she is now known.  Made of paper, and the story behind the work is based on the seven ages of man.
Jill is doing a workshop for us in two weeks time.  Nickie and I were going to the AGM in Dundee but had to change our plans-too late to get on the workshop, its fully booked and with a waiting list:0(
Libby who runs our YE, gave me a sneek peek at what the girls wil lbe making on Saturday, they are just going to love it!!

Chelmsford Emboroiderers Guild

Tonight our speaker at our EG meeting is Jill Flowers-The Ruff Lady, should be a great evening.  Visitors welcome.

Sunday too!!!

Had a lovely walk along the seawall at Dovercourt yesterday afternoon.  We took Mitch t visit his Grandparents and as the weather was good, just had to get some sea breezes.  The tide was out, so we were able to spot some oyster catchers.

 I saw these light towers on my last visit to Dovercourt and was determined to get some images of them.  They were built in 1863.
Spring is definitely showing its colours, daffs........

 and masses of little dog violets.  The swans are so majestic!

Saturday, came and went in a flash.

Time to do much creating seems a bit thin on the ground at the moment-life happens!

Too tired to do very much Friday night after the mammoth weekly shop, I just stuck a few squares in my Calendar Journal ready fro next month, just need to embellish it now.
After taking Mitch to the dental surgeon on Saturday, I stopped at Barleylands to do some retail therapy-I needed Craft Vilene.  Denise has just had a delivery of Auorfil threads and gave me a sample to try. I have read about them on some of the blogs I visit. Soooooo, I just had to buy a couple more to see how they stitch.  Alas they are still sitting in the bag, waiting to  be unpacked.

Saturday afternoon, was spent in Chelmsford, killing time, Mitch was meeting his Mother for the first time since all the problems at Christmas, trying to heal the rift.  I love this flower stall, it always a riot of colour.
Something I didn't expect to find in the High Street, was this tippee.  It was full of children listening to a storyteller.
After picking Mitch up, it was then out to dinner at a friends, completely unexpected.

Friday 18 March 2011

Snail mail not air mail.

Dale of Downunderdale won my Hundertwasser piece in the OWOH.  I posted it straight away and was getting very worried as it hadn't arrived after nearly four weeks.  So I was very relieved to find out that it has got there at last.
Nothing much has been happening on the creative front this week.  I have been out most mornings taking Mitch (my 'lodger') to various appointments. Assessment for his ADHD at Basildon Hospital on Monday, probation Tuesday and today. Appointment at the Army careers office tomorrow and the dental surgeon on Saturday, and finally on Sunday it is off to Dovercourt to visit his grandparents.  I hope for a quieter week next week!
 Last night I had Regional Day committee meeting and it was half past one(am) by the time I had written up the minutes and printed them off. Lots of EG paperwork tonight, ready for our meeting on Monday.  We have got Jill Flowers 'the  Ruff Lady' coming to give a talk.
I have only one more little book  left, to put together.  They have been an ideal project to do in my breaks at school.
My son Rhodri is going on a stag weekend next weekend and has been trying to get a burgundy suit for the weekends theme.  In desperation he has bought a beige suit for me to dye, a job for the weekend.

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Bits and pieces.

When I went shopping to get some more fresh fruti this morning, I couldn't believe the size of this pomegranite, it is about the size of a Galia melon. 
I have managed to complete this book tonight
And I just need to sew the ends in on this pink one and add beads to the threads.
Played with April's journal page too.  When Hubby and I got married in 2000, the colour for the year was lavendar and silver, as it is our anniversary next month, I have chsen those colours for the pages.


One of my colleagues at work bought in these beautiful Monet style napkins for me.  My son also bought home some A3 photo paper that was going to be thrown out as his office is being relocated, so he thought of me.  I seem to be getting known as being a bit of a Magpie!
Two books are now ready to be stitched together, all being well they should be finished tonight.

Monday 14 March 2011

A lovely family  day, I love having everyone home for a meal.  Rhodri and his girlfriend didnt eat with us as they had a very early late night/early morning as they had taken part in a charity tunnel run.  Driving their cars through designated tunnels in London for the Lupus Charity.
I had bought this cake stand before Christams and didn't get round to useing it, so I decided it was high time I got it out of thecupboard. Made a batch of Fairy cakes and then had fun decorating them.  There weren't many left by the end of our meal! As the oven was on I also ended up making Scrumtious Slice as it is a firm family favourite.

Having eaten so much we all spent the evening watching television-chilling out!

Saturday 12 March 2011

A bit of a production line.

When I got back from Cottenham, I spent a couple of hours in the kitchen cooking.  Today it is my eldest daughters birthday and she is coming round tomorrow for a meal.  I am trying out a new recipe- Beef and Guinness pie.  As she likes chocolate I have also made Chocolate and Guinness cake(a recipe that Gina recommended and now a family favourite), for my Grandsons I made some Rocky Road and for for the more health conscious members of my family I made a fresh fruit brulee. 
Decided to spend what was left of the evening, continuing to work on my books I am making for our Regional Day.

Just had to get the Brusho out to colour more papers, my hands are matching the paper too!


Had a lovely day in Cottenham, my turn to drive and the sun was shining for a change!  In fact the weather was so good, that we ate our lunch outside.  Today we have been experimenting with paper.

Nickie hard at work driving her sewing machine creating her 'fabric'.

Paper string wrapped around frame, mullberry paper torn and placed between warp and weft threads, placed on a fine hand made paper and fms.  Printed tissue applied on top.

A double layer of newspaper with a  machined stitched grid.  Coloured with coffee and distressed to create voids.  As the coffee didnt colour enough, tonight I have coloured it with walnut ink. 

Friday 11 March 2011


All that I have managed to achieve today in my playroom, has been to cut up some paper and slosh Brusho over it in readiness for making some more books.   I am so glad that I packed up ready for FET last night. by the time I had got home from food shopping, collected Kezzy,  put the mountain of food away, cooked and cleared away the evening meal, it's nearly time for bed! But there again I might just start on the covers.

Taking Liberties at Art Van Go.

I have just heard from Pauline that our exhibition is being extended again, and will be at AVG until April 1st.
Parents evening tonight meant that I was late home from work.  Too tired to do any machine stitching, I did some work on my calendar challenge journal so it is up to date and got all the requirements needed for FET on Saturday.  It does not seem possible that our exhibition at Art Van Go finishes on Saturday, where did that month go?

Thursday 10 March 2011

And another!

Having enjoyed making my Agapanthus book, I decide to make another one in a different style, to take to tonight's Committee meeting.  I wish there were more' play' hours in my day!!
A productive Committee meeting and the minutes have been typed up and emailed. 


I am enjoying using my new camera.  I just love taking photo's of frosty leaves.  It was such a heavy frost the field looked like it had been dusted with snow.

Monday 7 March 2011

Nickies challenge.

On Saturday as we were driving back from Cottenham, Nickie set a challenge of making a book by Wednesday night.  Nickie finished hers yesterday, and I was still dithering about.  Got my act together today, and voila! one finished book. 

Sunday 6 March 2011

A bit of shopping.

I was asked to deliver something to Denise at Craft Arena.  Not a problem, any excuse to visit, although it always costs me! LOL  Apart from some calico whick I need for next Saturday's meeting of FET and some Stitch'n' Tear  for Che, I also bought the latest CPS and yet another reel of Hemmingworth, just love using that thread.
As I have mentioned before, my camera is palying up.  I dropped it at and EG meeting and part of the catch on the battery cover broke.  So I decided to pop into Curry's to see if they could get it mended.  I was told that it would be cheaper to but a new camera, so I did!  There was a very good deal on the Lumix, which I have heard is a good make.  My SIL  and family popped round and was just in time to set it up for me.
So, apart from cooking, I have been getting used to all the functions on the camera.
I have started on my bookcover, just waiting for paint to dry.  Should have something to show tomorrow I hope.