Monday 24 June 2013


 I hadn't realised how long it was since I last blogged.  I have had rather alot on my mind with changes to my job role.  Next week at school we have activities week, and we are having a 'Wolf Wedding'  so made this little 'wedding cake' from cotton reels, plastic boxes and fabric scraps and it is calorie free! 
 Janet Edmunds came to our Guild on Monday.  She bought along slides as she talked about where she found inspiration for her work as well as her vessels and  wonderful sketchbooks.

Saturday was Young Embroiderers's and the girls were making something to enter into the Regional Day competition.  Those who lacked inspiration made crows, here is my Blue Peter one I made Friday night.  May I introduce to you....... 'Cheryl Crow'   I have already made Russel Crow, a few years ago, and he lives in Lincolnshire with one of my friends.
Some of the girls managed to finish their birds.
I am still working albeit very slowly on my final piece for the Wisbech exhibition, now school reports are out of the way, I need now to get a move on.