Monday, 29 November 2010

My friends Wedding was held at Gosfield Hall, I had never heard of it or been there before.  What a stunning venue! 

This was one of the four Christmas trees around the ground floor.

We found this huge log fire to sit around and catch up on everyone's news, as the live band were so loud we couldn't hear each other.

This is the painting that was on the ceiling, it was so high that I had a job to get a decent image of it.  After our natter we danced the night away to the live music- they played some great music that we could jive too.
I just had to take a photo of Tim in his kilt,(in the Library)  I have known him since he was a baby, often babysitting him.  He did a great job making sure everything went smoothly for his Mum.


Unknown said...

Why stunning, hope you had a good time would like to be sat round that big fire brrrrr its soo cold

Diane Kelsey said...

What a wonderful place to get married. Is the venue in Gosfield near Suffolk?