Friday 27 November 2009

Reports finished-Christmas preperations can start now!

My reports are written and been proof read, so hopefully they should be printed Monday-thank goodness!My only play this week has been making a Christmas present for my brothers girlfriend. She has just moved into a new flat in Twickenham, I just need to finish embellishing it. the wooden letters are 1" thick, painted several times and then covered with papers. I hope to put the finishing touches to it tomorrow before I go Christmas shopping.
Tomorrow night I am going to a quiz night in support of the local children's hospice-Little Haven. I have managed to get a collection tin for this charity, and on Monday it will be going in the staff room. Instead of swapping Christmas cards we are putting a donation in the tin.

Sunday 22 November 2009

Lucky escape!

When we went out in our car on Thursday, it was running well. Yesterday when Alan went out in it he noticed a slight knocking, didn't think much of it and set off for Birmingham early this morning. The noise got worse the further he drove, anyway to cut a long story short, a driver overtook him and indicated to his front wheel. He pulled over couldn't see anything wrong, so his friend got him to drive slowly along the hard shoulder. The noise was his front wheel about to fall off! Sometime Thursday or Friday night his car had been tampered with, because two bolts were missing, two bolts had been sheared off and the remaining two were only on by four thread turns. Anyway, they have both arrived back in wet and windy Essex having had a good day at the NEC.
Meanwhile I was busy at my Grandsons second birthday. All the children were very good, doing lots of sticking, painting and playing.
Also in between the party and cooking prawn pooris I have been working on a mixed media experiment , not sure if my idea is going to work, but, if it doesn't end up in the rubbish bin, I'll let you know.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Kantha workshop

Libby, a member of East, was our tutor today, and soon had us stitching Kantha patterns. The hall was so quiet you could here a pin drop- I have never been in a room with fifteen ladies this quiet before!
Libby was very generous in letting us take photos of her work, and came round constantly to keep us on track, when we had problems with lik stitch.Libby (those of you who went to K& S will have seen her wonderful little books on the East stand) also demonstrated how to attach a shisha mirror.
Below are a few samples of her work

I love this little sewing caddy.
When I got home, I had a few bits to organise ready for Zac's birthday party tomorrow. Sam came round with the cake she had made for him as she need some black food colouring for George's eyes.
I have now applied Treasure gold ( stopped off on the way home from work yesterday and got some from Craft Arena) to my textured totem. I used pewter.

Friday 20 November 2009

I heard last night that the screen printing course I was hoping to do in January, wont be running as there are not enough people booked on the course to make it viable.:0(
A busy weekend ahead of me, cantha workshop tomorrow, then on Sunday, Christmas shopping and youngest GS's birthday party and then cooking a meal for one of Alan's friends. They are off to the NEC for a model railway exhibition.

Thursday 19 November 2009

Mistletoe and (mulled) wine

As I don't have a TA of my own, and was getting behind with my displays, I bought the children's Brusho pictures home to mount. They just loved watching the ink explode over the paper! Tonight the Church Hall smelt of mulled wine. Everyone worked hard to get their stalls to look inviting. Jane bought her hand made wooden Christmas decorations.
Joan bought home made jam, marmalade, cards and jewellery.

Liz bought her home made Christmas table decorations and other essential bits for decorating a home. There was also handmade cupcakes, soap in fact too much to list.

I didn't get to spend much money (but the shoppers did) as I was in the kitchen making mulled wine two huge pots of it!
I was lucky enough to win a six week drama course for Kezzy in the raffle.
Well done Donna and Sam, you worked hard to make it a successful evening.

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Smoke without fire

The reports are going well, and I hope they will be finished soon.
We had a bit of drama today at work, when smoke was spotted in our old gym. 999 was called and the firemen arrived (they looked nothing like the ones you see on the calendars). Luckily no damage done and school soon returned back to normal.
Tomorrow night I am making gallons( well quite a lot) of mulled wine for my daughters fund raising night- a shopping night with some hand crafted items. It is held in the local Church Hall and is a lovely start to the Christmas season.

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Nothing to show textile wise, as I have spent this evening starting to write my school reports.:0(
The quicker I get them done the sooner I can play!

Monday 16 November 2009

Jacky Russell

Wow!!!What an excellent evening we had. Jacky Russell came to our Guild tonight with her slides and an enormous amount of her work. Nickie and I first saw her work at Windsor in 2006, and were enthralled by it. It was through this exhibition that we learnt about a product called Lutrador, and did we have a job to obtain some! Jacky's work is based on rust and decay. She is coming back to our Branch in February to do a workshop, fingers crossed that I can get on it!

Sunday 15 November 2009

Before going out to visit Alan's relatives in Kent today, I managed to get two more coats of paint on the 'totem'. Second coat of paint applied
Third coat of paint applied.
Now I just need to highlight the textured areas, one night this week I hope.
I had a lovely day with Albert and Ann, I ate so much I feel like a weeble!
Tomorrow night it is Embroiderers' Guild and we have Jacky Russel coming to share her work with us. Nickie and I first saw her work when we went to the exhibition at Windsor College a few years ago. It should be a good night!

Saturday 14 November 2009

Beatles to Bowie and more.

I have been a bit busy since I last blogged.
On Thursday, my brother came to collect my Smart car, it was sad to see it go, as I have had lots of fun driving it.
I was told to hang fire on my reports by one person at school and told to get them done asap by another. Too many chiefs I think!
It was school speech night yesterday, Diversity were hoping to come to officially open our new sports hall, but work commitments meant they couldn't make it.
Yesterday when I got home from school, this..... was waiting for me. My prize from Carolyn's blog give away. Soooooo generous, I couldn't believe my eyes. Three packages were inside the postbag which contained..........
This beautiful card AND

this lovely textured heart AND

a brooch to wear at work AND

papers, fabric, threads, stamps, shells, beads (some made by Carolyn as well) AND

some more AND

some more, this package also contained some decorated labels.
Thank you so much Carolyn, a truly wonderful package. The photo's do not do it justice.
Today I went up to London with Di to the National Portrait Gallery to see the exhibition 'Beatles to Bowie'. Lots of photo's that bought back many memories of my childhood and made me feel quite old. We also went to see the Twiggy exhibition celebrating her 60th birthday-she wears very well! A quick cup of coffee and the onto the V&A to see the 'Maharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts' Lots of paintings and jewellery, not many textiles, but a great insight to the life of the Maharaja's. I am so glad that we went to see it.

Tonight I have finished constructing my 'Textured Totem' inspired by the work Roy Ray. It has had one coat of paint so far, more to follow to get a depth of colour. More photo's when complete.

Tuesday 10 November 2009


My school reports have just been emailed to me to start writing, so I wont be posting as often until they are finished:0(

Monday 9 November 2009

Busy, busy, busy.

Tonight it was out Embroiderers' Guild committee meeting, and we sped through it so I have manged to type up and email out the minutes this side of midnight for once!
I have a busy week ahead of me- blood donors tomorrow, speech night for work on Friday, National Portrait Gallery on Saturday with Di ( Beatles to Bowie exhibition) off to visit some of Alan's relies on Sunday. School reports are looming on the horizon as well, they are being printed this week:0(
Kezzy had her appointment at the hospital today, it is the start of a long job to get her teeth sorted. Three teeth need to come out after Christmas under a general. When I got home from work I had a letter from her school telling me I had an appointment to discuss her I.E.P on Friday, no other time or date available, also a letter to book an appointment at the hospital to see someone about her knees. This will not go down well at work!
As I was up at 5.30 this morning to take Rhodri to the station,( I had to scrape ice off my car!) I was able to have a little dabble with my workshop lesson. I hope to have something to show soon- life permitting!

Sunday 8 November 2009

I just blinked my eyes...........

And Sunday is nearly over, or so it seems.
The Church Parade was in a very old church in Hutton, down a little country lane, which is single file in places. Wonderful stained glass windows and tiles. I started to take photo's of the tiles and then my batteries died. I couldn't find my spare ones which are normally in my camera case, so I will have to go to the next church parade with fully charged batteries!

As my daughter is in Germany for the weekend. son in law bought the two boys round for the afternoon. A quick inspection by them all of my new toy, before going to check out the rabbit and the koi.

I've cooked a roast dinner, made a stew ready for Tuesday as I have blood donors and I will be in later than usual from work, sorted out my paperwork for EG committee meeting tomorrow night and had a wee bit of time to play. I am working out my workshop for Textiles in Focus. it is not until February, but I want to have it planned sooner rather than later.

Saturday 7 November 2009

Hurdle number 2

Well I did it! I got two sewing machines in my car, Nickie, bags of fabric and party food for our day at Cottenham. We had to have our Christmas party today as it is the last meeting this side of Christmas- a frightening thought. We played our usual silly party game and I won some threads, a note book and some mice flakes- (I have never used mica flakes before).
When I got home I had a HUGE pile of ironing to do, it has mounted up a bit and I couldn't put it off any longer. Rhodri is away early on Monday (I have to take him to the station for 5.50am) for the week, somewhere near Blackpool for work. So I had to iron his shirts. We have a deal, I iron his shirts, he keeps my computer working and keeps an eye on what Kezzy is up to on Facebook.
Tomorrow another fairly early start as I am taking Kezzy to Church parade in Hutton. The Air Cadets are having their Remembrance Day service. Alan normally does all the running around for Air Cadets, but this weekend he is repairing my Smart car from when someone hit it in Asda. My brother would like to collect it before he goes to South Africa in a couple of weeks- no pressure!
Time now to stitch a few beads on my vessel before bed.

Friday 6 November 2009

Over the first hurdle.

Today, I was able to get off work a bit earlier so that I could pop into Craft Arena to get CPS for Carolyn, (her stitched stuffie is in this issue and she hasn't got a copy) also got some white calico that has just arrived. I can now carry on with my lino printing again. Talking to the textile teacher at work today she has told me about a screen printing course that is going to take place locally after Christmas, so I need to see if I can find out more details, I have been wanting to do this for some time.
I managed to get a weeks food shopping in my car, which was a bit of a surprise, so it has passed the first hurdle. Tomorrow Nickie and I are off to Cottenham, will it pass hurdle number two? I'll let you know.

Thursday 5 November 2009

Lightening strike.

Two days of trying to think what workshop I can do for Pauline at Textiles in Focus and a creative thought struck me just as I was going to sleep last night. I was too tired to get out of bed and jot it down. A moment of panic this morning when I couldn't remember what that 'thought' was. Luckily it came back to me! Time to go and experiment to see if:-
a) is my idea any good?
b) can it be done in 2 hours?
Watch this space.
My rust coloured vessel that I am making at the moment, has got a new home (when I have finished beading the top edge). One of my colleagues at work wants it for her home.
Nickie and I are off to Cottenham on Saturday, and as it is the last meeting this side of Christmas we are having a Christmas lunch.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Thanks Mum

Late home from work tonight as it was parents evening. Mum sent me home on Sunday with, a steak and kidney pie, carrot cake and raspberry charlotte ( all home made). Alan had the potatoes peeled and chopped and a cup of tea waiting for me when I eventually got home. So luckily, not much cooking involved. Too tired to do very much and too late to start experimenting. I think I will just unwind with a cup of hot chocolate and stitch a few beads on my vessel. Hopefully my batteries will be fully charged tomorrow night!

Tuesday 3 November 2009


I searched my usual on line bead shops last night for the right beads, and just couldn't see what I needed. So, after some more thoughts, I am now using the original rust beads but sitting them on a slate blue/grey bead base row. I will post pics when I have something worth showing.

Not done any stitching tonight. Nickie and I have been asked to teach again at Textiles in Focus, at Cottenham, in February. I have been trying to think about what I can teach in a two hour workshop that does not involve a sewing machine, or too much paint. Off to do more cogitating .

Monday 2 November 2009

I finished stitching my vessel last night, and then spent quite some time trying to find the right beads for the picot edging I want to put on this one. The beads that I bought at Ally Pally last month don't sit properly, and others in my collection are not the right colour, copper or brown rather than rust. So I need to do some on-line shopping tonight.

Sunday 1 November 2009

Oh lucky me!

Had a lovely time in Buckingham at my Mothers. Lots of eating and talking. I also attacked one of the many, of her outside walls with Snowcem paint yesterday afternoon.
Also I have:-

hand stitched a few more samples for my next vessel.

Almost constructed vessel three

Made a button bracelet to match one of my shrugs.
Read my CPS and saw Carolyn's beautiful Stitched Stuffie, lovely stitched acanthus seed heads embroidered on it.
Over the last couple of weeks I have been talking to my brother about cars. He bought himself a jeep early in September. Now wanting a smaller car for running about London, he offered me his Mazda MX5, a little red thing, in exchange for some cash and my Smart car.( I had bought the Smart car off him a few years ago) I had no because I didn't want to take out a loan, the insurance and car tax is higher. BUT, when I took it for a little drive on Friday, all sensible thoughts went out of the window and I said YES!!!!! I have driven it back to Essex and it drove like a dream. My only problem now, is how do I get 2 sewing machines in the boot when Nickie and I go on our textile courses?
When I checked my blog tonight, it was to find out that I had won a prize on Carolyn's blog giveaway. The first blog giveaway that I have ever won. What a lovely day!:-)
Back to school tomorrow:-( I have made the play dough and packed my bags ready for the off!