Thursday, 26 May 2011

Reading matter.

Yesterday I had to pop to Barleylands, and saw these silk worms.  The only way I could get a photo of them was to shield them from the wind with some paper I had in my bag.  There are not as many silk worms as in previous years on the tree, but I do enjoy watching them. 

The reason for my visit to Barleylands was to get some fabric from Craft Arena, so that I can start on my friends bunting fr her wedding and to get my magazines, not that I have had a chance yet to even open the covers of  them yet as last night it was EG committee meeting.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lynda Monk workshop II

Had a wonderful time yesterday playing with glue, paper and various mediums on an Embroiderers' Guild run workshop with Lynda Monk.  The day flew by all too quickly.  If you ever get a chance to go on one of her workshops, grab it.  She is very generous with sharing her materials and knowledge.

Here Lesley is being guided on how to use a Themofax screen.
Nickie showing the start of her work on a book cover.

 And here are some of our samples above and below.
Lynda bought lots and lots of her own samples for us to look at too.
My samples, above and below and there will be a photo of the book I started yesterday too, but you will have to wait until it is finished

Friday night.

The thought of going out after work on Friday, was not what I felt like doing, I wanted to chill out on the sofa if I am honest.  But really glad that I made the effort.  We had a great time, and I laughed so much I hadn't make up left on by the end of the evening.  We shall be going there again in November!.

A first.

This Winter, I have lost a lot of plants in my garden, in fact one border is almost bare.  One plant that has survived the frost and snow is my Kiwi, and this is the first year that I have had flowers on it too!

Friday, 20 May 2011

Completed project at last.

Che Guevara just needs a press and he will be off to the framers.    I think Rhodri is happy with it, a man of few words!  A comment on how long I have spent making it though!
Tonight I am out with the girls from work, we are celebrating a 30th birthday.
Tomorrow I am on an Embroiderers' Guild workshop, with Lynda Monks.  This is the second workshop she has done for us and I am really looking forward to it.  It has meant that I cant go to the FET meeting in Cottenham though. 
Need now to start thinking what to stitch next.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

My GS came to visit today, and as it was nice enough to be in the garden, I got the fishing game out to play with, lots of fun and laughter!
I have had an extra house guest this weekend too.  Mitch's brother has just left his care home as he is now 16, I hadn't met him before, so wasn't too sure how we would all get on.  The weekend went well, although I seem to have done an awful lot of cooking and washing up!
Another night and not picked up my needle, I wont tomorrow either as it is EG.  Our speaker is Joanna O' Neill and her talk is called 'Felt Underneath'.  I will tell you about it tomorrow night.
Time to try and catch up on some blogs before bed.


 One of my friends at work invited me to go with her to the talk on 'A history of Embroidery' at the V&A yesterday .  We had a lovely day, although getting there was a bit of a problem as there was engineering works on some the Underground lines to South Kensington.  We had a fortyfying cup of cofee in the restaraunt listening to music being played on a grand piano, wonderful!! 
The talk was by Alistair MacLeod of the Hand and Lock Company, who came to our Guild  earlier in the year, wearing a different outfit too! 
 A late lunch outside in the Courtyard, in the sunshine.  We managed to see the Yohji Yamamoto and The Cult of Beauty exhibitions. Loved the Rossetti and Whistler paintings, I could have spent longer here than we did.
I had switched my phone off while in the lecture theatre and when I switched it back on, I had a message from Kezzy to say that she was up the hospital as she had hurt her foot.
Luckily it wasn't serious, just  a torn ligament. 
I have now completed and passed my on line Food Hygiene and Safety Course, which means that I can now get back to some stitching this coming week. 
Our Regional Day is now six weeks way, we had another meeting Wednesday and everything seems to be falling into place.
I don't know why, but Thursday and Friday night I was just too tired to do any sewing. ;0(
Been a busy week and not a lot to show for it.
I had a lovely shopping day last Saturday with my daughter.  We went out to buy shoes for her prom but ended up buying her lots of new summer clothes as well.
Sunday, I had to pick up Mums new car and drive it to her in Buckingham.  I have never driven a brand new car before!

Friday, 6 May 2011

Fingers crossed.

I have managed to get Mitch a days tryout for a job tomorrow.  Lets hope they offer him a job. He has to be at work at 7am,  I don't know the last time he saw that time of day!LOL

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I had a phone call from my Grandson tonight to say that he had won a prize with his crown at school today. He got some art products as a prize.
Slow progress with the hand stitching, I am doing an on-line course at the moment, ( for work not a creative one).
Normal service will be resumed soon!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Some hand stitching at last!

I have at last managed to finish machine stitching the background.  All that it left to stitch now is the phrase.  The translation is:-
' Wherever death surprises us, it will be well received as long as our battle cry is heard'.
It will not have a binding attatched, as my son Rhodri, intends having it framed.
The update on my run in with Orange is after spending nearly one hour on the phone to my bank, my money which they were unathorised to take, has been given back to me!! I dont know what it has cost me in regards to the phone calls and visits to the bank.
My problem with Ebay has also been sorted, just need Mitch's Social Worker to help me sort out the problem I have with his gas bill from when he had his own flatl.  They want to charge him for the previous tennant and for 3 months after he moved out.   I seem to be spending valuble creating time, on the phone at the moment and not in my playroom!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

My Grandsons came round today as Josh needed me to put an insert of red crepe paper into his crown.  His school is celebrating the Royal Wedding tomorrow.  Although I had given my daughter instructions on how to do it, she does not enjoy using a needle.  I was only to happy to help.  I also got out my box of gems for him to add a few more embellishments.
I love four day weekends, I wish we had them more often. although it has been a very busy time for me either visiting or having visitors-great!!

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Keeping up.

I have managed to complete my March April  pages for the Calendar Journal Challenge. To view other journals taking part in this challenge, click on the link here.

My May pages are complete and ready for me to start journalling on. To make them, I used  Eco Friendly Ocean and Kaiser Turquoise with white on a gessoed background.  
 Reeves Lime Yellow was used to stencil through sequin waste.  Spirals were stamped with Stampin' Up Teal.  Letters were painted with Kaiser Turquoise and double embossed with transparent powder.
Flowers stamped onto a very old Needlework magazine (1950's), coloured with Cosmic Shimmer Aqua paint.
 Having had a frustrating week, with sun forecast for today, it was decided to head for Mersea for some 'chill time'  Had a lovely time walking along the beach, collecting shells and taking photos.
 The wind certainly blew the cobwebs away!

Book making.

Paul and Karen came round yesterday so we could make some more bits for their wedding.  Karen had said that she wanted help to make some Guest books and a wedding album.  I had made a sample guest book in the week, which she liked, so it was a quick trip to Barleylands to choose some papers. 
The book above has been made for the first wedding which is to take place in South Africa.

This book will be for the blessing in England a month later.  The colours are not true, due to the poor lighting.

 It was then on to making the Wedding Album. 
True colours are silver and white.
Kezzy had to work in the lounge as we had not enough space for her in the kitchen.  She is putting the finishing to her tiger work