Tuesday, 31 October 2017


A beautiful sunrise over St. Ives, and the sea was so calm, that I didn't wake up to the sound of  the waves.

I watched this young man
 paddleboard up to Manshead and then back round to Porthminster beach.
Love the colours and textures.

 Once James and Kezzy had left to go back to Essex, Alan and I set of for Penzance to try the camera shop that was recommended to us in Truro yesterday. Success!! we got the piece of equipment that he needed. Driving around the town, I spotted a wool shop, (Wooly Sue's, very helpful ladies) not that I needed any wool, but it would be rude not to have a look. Lol.
 The Stylecraft Batik wool jumped into my hands and that was all I was going to buy, BUT, the owner was knitting with the Stylecraft Cabaret wool. I have always stayed  clear of wool with sparkle in it, but it looked so nice made up, that I had to get some of that too!  Will let you know how it goes. After a quick lunch it was onto The Minack Theatre, ( an open air Theatre on the edge of a cliff) inspired by a program on the television last night (Coast to Coast).
 Love this variety of passion flower. They have beautiful gardens there with some unusual plants.

We were lucky enough to watch an impromptu Shakespeare rendition by a visitor who was inspired by the atmosphere. 

 We then went to Porthcurno beach. A lovely secluded cove, but I expect it gets very busy in the summer.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Hooking by the sea.

 I am lucky enough to be back in St. Ives for a week.  As my  doll I had started on, requires me to use a sewing machine for the next stage, I have bought my crochet to do.  There is only 6 rounds left to hook, to complete it. It goes very nicely on the couch in the apartment we are staying in.

Agapanthus seed head.
Love exploring St. Ives and no matter how many times I wander around the lanes always plenty to catch my eye. I have manged to visit some galleries and hope to fit in a few more before I go home.

Love the lichen on the roofs.

Waiting for the tide to come in so he can go out on his boat, fishing.

This weather station made me chuckle.

There was a lot of these jellyfish, washed up on the beach today.( Portuguese Men of War)
We stopped off at Truro as hubby needed a bit for his camera,unfortunately they didn't have the item he needed so on we went to Mevagissy, such beautiful weather. We watched the fishing boats come in an unload their catch- 3 crates of mackerel, I felt like I was in the film 'The Birds' because the sky was full of seagulls looking for a free meal.

Friday, 27 October 2017

Another little hare.

Last weekend was spent with my mother, we have not taken her shopping for some time and as the weather report was not good for gardening, we went to Milton Keynes, an ideal shopping venue as it is all undercover. As we were leaving, loaded up with bags, we were held up by the drummers and a procession celebrating Diwali.  First time I have ever seen this.

 Sunshine on Sunday, meant we could help mum in the garden,  followed by a walk around the grounds, love the sun shining on the autumn leaves.

 Mahonia normally flowers in January, like some plants in my garden, I think it is a bit confused. I have had a cowslip just finish flowering!
 I have finished my latest carry-around project, another little hare, a present for a friend. What to put in my bag now is the dilemma.
 Work started on our drive Tuesday, it has long needed doing.

Tonight it was almost finished. Very pleased with it too!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

You can guess where I went Friday!

What a lovely way to celebrate a birthday- at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexander Palace.  I went with my friend Diane, who kindly drove me in her lovely little sports car, another +!! 
The traffic was kind to us and we got there as the doors opened. The first person we saw was Lynda Monk aka Purple Missus, a  member of the exhibiting textile group we all used to belong to.  It was good to catch up on her news and we had to buy her latest book. 

I had a chat with Jo Beattie, I can't believe it was three years ago, that I first spoke to her and admired her work. Interesting to see how her work has developed since then. 
After looking at her work, it was a quick hello and 'thank you' to Ann Small, as she was very busy talking to interested stitcher's.  The day went far too quickly, lots of lovely exhibitions to admire and stalls to tempt us to part with our money.  I got most things on my list and a few extras that I just couldn't resist! 

My stash, I unpacked it yesterday, as I ran out of time once I got in from Ally Pally.  As I was home alone, I had time to put everything away tidily so I know where to find it when it is needed. 
Home alone meant time to do something creative so, I cut out another felt hare, using wool felt this time, rather than a mixture of wool and rayon/viscose and worked on my man. It always surprises me how much stuffing  dolls take! 

 Today, being so sunny and mild, has been spent in the garden, pottering. It was so warm we were able to eat lunch by the stream and even had a late afternoon cup of tea without needing thick cardigans- bliss!  Feeling nicely relaxed, ready for work tomorrow.
Have a good week!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Finished today.

Wherever I go, I normally have a little project I carry around with me, either crochet or sewing that I can do if I have a few spare minutes. My latest project has been this little hare made in a wool mix felt.  It is a pattern from the Prims magazine, Spring 2011, with my own twist on it.  All hand-stitched with a red needle-felted heart on his chest and white pom tail. He is approximately 6" tall.

Now I need to find another 'carry project.'

Sunday, 8 October 2017


 I was lucky enough to be allowed to help on the school music trip yesterday to the London Palladium to see Rain, a Beetles tribute act from America, celebrating 50 years of the Beetles.  (When I was about 9 years old, I drew and embroidered a cushion cover with the faces of the 'fab four', as I was a big Beetles fan)   Anyway, Rain, were amazing!!!  So much so, that if they come over here again, I want to see them again. Such great music, that you could believe it was not a tribute act. It had us up on our feet dancing and singing along. As the show progressed, they changed their looks and outfits to fit the era of the songs.  On the way home, lots of discussion about the show, and we could not find anything that could be done to improve it.
Standing waiting for the taxi after the show, I could see Liberty's, unfortunately no time to go shopping, also passed a Cass Art shop as well.  I need another trip to London soon.

As I have not done anything creative for two nights, I hope to do some work on the man. 

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Button Moon.

I have managed to put the finishing touches to my hare. His whiskers, made from a fine fishing line, were so fiddly!  

 Love you to the moon and back, I see the moon and the moon sees me, harvest moon, wish upon a star, star gazing, Button Moon (what I shall call him), wish for the moon and one of my favourite's is ' when the moonbeams kissed the sea' by Shelley.  These  are just some of the many phrases that I thought of when making my hare.
 As the hares are thought to be looking at the stars or moon, I had a lovely faceted pearl button in my collection just waiting for the right chance to be used. This was it, I wanted it to represent the moon. The star on his ribbon has been in my stash for years,( it was made for paper crafting  and attached  to paper/card using glue,) so I put a hole in it with my soldering iron and then attached a jump ring.
 Now you know why I painted my hare Prussian blue! He has been fun to make, but I wont rush to make anymore in the foreseeable future, too many others things I want to create.
I had a lovely weekend at my mothers helping get her very long front garden ready for Autumn planting. I have also had another meal out as well this week, this time for my hubby's 70th birthday. Tomorrow night I have the family round here for a meal as we have a total of four birthdays this month to celebrate. More puddings for me to make!😁
On Saturday I am going to the Palladium to see the show about the Beatles.