Sunday, 26 December 2010

Too good to eat!

My brother braved the sales at Milton Keynes today.  He came back with these gorgeous cakes for our evening meal.  They tasted as good a they looked.

Boxing Day

Now Christmas is over, time for stitching!!  ;0)
 I managed to complete this panel last night at last!  Way behind my planned schedule, I need to do a lot of stitching over the next two weeks. Off to start the next panel.

Christmas visitors.

One of the things I enjoy doing when staying at my Mothers is watching the birds on the feeders.  I tried to take photo's of all the different types, unfortunately they move far too quickly to get a good image.  Goldfinches,Chaffinches, Cole Tits, Long Tailed Tits and a Mistle Thrush were all camera shy.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Eve.

we had a good journey to Mum, the M2 was running smoothly:0)  I have had a lovely lazy evening,  using a dongle I have manged to connect to the Internet  and  have been catching up on what everyone has been up to on their blogs.
Happy Christmas, I hope you have a lovely day.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

In my post today.

A few weeks ago Gina  asked if any Bloggers had any old lace they didn't need  and the story that went with the lace for her latest project for her Degree Course.  I sent a couple of bits and I got this today.  Postcards of her finished book, wrapped in a 'lace' doily.  Her book looks stunning, I would love to see it in the 'flesh.'
 I also received an invitation to E.R.T.F.'s forthcoming exhibition, I shall look forward to seeing their work again as  I saw a previous exhibition in Cambridge last year.
Just as I was going out to deliver my Christmas cards at last, I was given this box by a delivery person.  Inside was a .......
A stunning bunch of flowers for Christmas from my Aunt, the Cinnamon sticks look lovely and make my room smell wonderful.
One of the problems with all the cold weather has been the effect it has had on buying Pansies and Polyanthus, as they have been burnt by all the cold.  Mum needed some for a Christmas arrangement she is making as a present.  She was unable to find any in her area, so I said that I would try and find some.  Easier said than done, I started my search yesterday and finally tracked some down for her today;0)

Christmas Wishes to you all.

I was sent this link to see this Christmas card and I would like to share this card with you.  Please click here and  you will need your sound on.  Enjoy!!

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Post from Cornwall.

I had a lovely surprise in the post today, some beautiful  snowflakes from Carolyn. Thank you Carolyn, they look wonderful on my table arrangement, even Hubby has noticed them!
 I spent the morning baking Mince pies ala Gina.  ( she blogged the recipe last year,) and they were so tasty, Mum has asked me to make them again this year

I also made Bread Pudding and Flapjacks.  I took some samples of all three to an elderly gentleman I visit in Billericay as it will be the last chance to visit him this side of Christmas.

Running out of time.

Monday started off with looking after my 2 grandsons, I love having them to look after.  I  also managed to finish making the Christmas cards I had started making last week, after they went home, and they are in the post, I hope they get to their destinations before Christmas.  I am still working on a few hand made pressies, but I think they will now have to be New Year gifts. 

 Yesterday, as the snow had started to thaw, I braved the shops to finish (well I hope I have) the Christmas shopping. I think everyone else had the same idea, Basidlon was heaving.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Sorry, I hadn't realised that I hadn't blogged since Wednesday,  I don't know where the last couple of days disappeared too.
 I suppose it is all the getting ready for Christmas.  I have nearly finished my Christmas shopping just need a few more bits, and I hope to cook some mince pies in the next few days.  Friday night, I made a cake for a friend who celebrates her birthday on Christmas Day.  In the summer, she said that she had never had a birthday cake, so  this year I  have made sure that this year, she did.  We had a horrendous journey back from her house as the snow came down and settled so quickly.  The trees looked beautiful driving down the A12, we could have been in Canada.  I would have loved to take some photo's of them, but didn't dare ask Hubby to stop.  We took so long to get home, that it was too late to do the sewing I had planned to do.
Today has been spent turning our study into a bedroom for our 'lodger'.  As usual, the job took far longer than I had planned, Hubby and I are such hoarders!
Then it was off to the local Church for Christmas Carols in the garden.  My job for the last couple of years has been to make the mulled wine to heat everybody up. Hot home made mince pies and hot chocolate was also being served.  It is such a lovely start to the Christmas holidays.   

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Christmas fun.

 It was Christmas Party in our class today.  Rocky bought his disco and magic along (we have had him do our parties for about 7 years now, as he so good) as well as this machine that makes bubbles and snow. The kids loved it!!

I have managed to sit down for nearly an hour this evening and do some work on my flower panel, it's slow going! I wont be doing any sewing tomorrow night, as it will be my turn to party, at the staff Christmas do.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010


The young friend I have mentioned, who has been having problems, got evicted today.  I now have a temporary lodger until housing can be sorted out for him.  I cant see this happening this side of the New Year.  The house is now really bursting at the seams.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010


If you love Tim Holtz products click here to enter a great giveaway.

Rebecca Spragge.

Here is one of Rebbecca's corsets that she bought to our E.G meeting last night.  As she came to our Guild by train, she could only bring one 'body' to display her work on.  There were other corsets for us to admire but being flat, were harder for me to get a good photo of them.  She also bought along her  work books for us to look through.
Rebecca is doing a workshop at the end of January for us making these mini mixed media corsets.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

It was a family affair dressing the tree today, I have never had so much help before!  When I looked out of  my playroom window tonight, I could see that everyone else has also been busy getting in the festive mood.  Tomorrow night we have Rebecca Spragge coming to give a talk at our Embroiderers' Guild.  Her talk is on
Wearable Art and Costumes.
Here is the blurb from our Branch newsletter about her:-
'Rebecca originally trained in the theatre and now makes bridal wear and evening wear to order. She specialises in traditionally boned corsets and uses a combination of exotic fabrics and embroidery to create exclusive designs. Rebecca has exhibited at the V&A and Harrods. Her corsets are works of art.'
Should be a very good evening, visitors are welcome if you live near Chelmsford.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

December Splash of Colour

Yesterday at work, Christmas arrived!  Our P.S.C.  organise a Christmas Fair to raise funds, this year it is for some equipment for the new gym.  I was getting desperate to find any colour to use this month. 
I found these brightly coloured toys.

 I would have loved a peep inside the Grotto, but Santa was kept very busy.
The P.S.C. worked very hard organising the event, all the children had a great time too.
Hubby and I have been out doing some more Christmas shopping, just a few presents left to get, thank goodness.  Wrapped up all the presents we bought today, rather than leaving it to the last minute.
I have managed to do some work on my flower panel, nothing to show, just cutting surplus fabric away, it seems ages since I have done anything creative.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Yesterday was the first time we have visited the new Orthodontic department at Broomfield Hospital.  We used to go to St. John's but it finally closed it's doors about two weeks ago.(It was old and falling to pieces)  This is the main entrance, it felt a bit like an airport.  Totally embarrassed Kezzy by getting the camera out to take this picture of this model.
After the hospital, we went up to the local Churchyard to place a wreath on my sons headstone.  It was nine years ago that we lost him in a car accident.  As you can see by the photo, we still have a lot of snow around, now been around for 10 days.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Unwelcome guest.

Twenty feet from my kitchen window, I have a pond with Koi Carp in.  Some I have had for 15 years and are getting on for eighteen inches in length.  The last two mornings, a Heron has visited my pond.  Half of me wants to let him stand there while I take photo's as it is the closest I have ever been to one, but I have to send him on his way, picture-less, to save my fish.  I'll be on guard duty again this morning, before taking Kezzy to the hospital for her Orthodontic appointment.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

A creative up-date at last!

As I shall be away for some days over Christmas at my Mother's and then bringing her back to Essex to see in the New Year, I have been trying to get some panels stitched up ready to embellish during this time.  I don't want to take my sewing machine away with me or be in my play room while Mum is downstairs- not very sociable!  I am not getting as many prepared as I had hoped.  Maybe at the weekend I will be able to squeeze in some stitching time but I must do some more Christmas shopping:0(

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sketchbook challenge.

This sounds like lots of fun, I hope to be taking part.  Click here for details.
Reports are being proof read tonight;0).  I have been slaving over a hot computer to get them finished.


That time of year-writing school reports.

Monday, 6 December 2010


13 more butterflies have safely landed at Trudis, see here for all the latest news.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

The snow has melted quite quickly today and I have seen the concrete drive for the first time since last Monday. They say more snow is on its way though!
I have been busy in the kitchen making leek and potato soup and sticky gingercake as well as all the other usual weekend chores.  I have even managed a bit of time this evening to do a bit of sewing :0)
Sunday's go far too quickly.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

 Late this afternoon, due to the snow starting to melt, I started the Christmas shopping as I cant ignore the fact that Christmas is fast approaching.  I didn't get as much done as I had hoped as Kezzy was asked to babysit so had to cut the shopping trip short.  I did mange to get 2 very noisy dinosaurs for my Grandsons-my daughter will love me LOL!!
 I also found these stencils (very good value, 2 in a pack) in 'The Works' and just a few more beads and buttons.(Sorry photo's are a bit dark)
I have taken part in the Butterfly Effect and sent off 2 butterflies a few weeks ago, and tonight I had an email from Trudi to say I had won the book ' I Never Saw Another Butterfly' she was giving away:0)

Friday, 3 December 2010

Snow and ice.

I just couldn't resist taking this photo of all the icicles on the bush.  Another morning spent making phone calls.  There seems to be glimmer of ope on the horizon that we can sort out my young friends problems.  Should know more Monday afternoon.
Nickie and I were supposed to go to Cottenham tomorrow for our FET meeting and Christmas lunch.  The roads around here are so treacherous that we have decided that it is not a good idea to travel;0(  My car is still snowbound on the drive and even the taxi driver would not come up our very icy road today.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

And yet more snow.

Woke up to another couple of inches of snow that had fallen during the night. 
It was a good job that school has been closed again today,(it has snowed all day today) as I had to get to Basildon County Court with a young friend who was being evicted from his flat today.  Several reasons why he is in this mess and not all of them of his making.  We were lucky that the Judge was kind and concerned and has given us a week to try and resolve matters.  Once I had cooked a Harak Muss curry (Sri Lankan Beef Curry), I have then spent most of the afternoon on the phone trying to get some help.
I have now finished cutting out my panel, time to start embellishing:0)

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I have had another day at home as school was closed due to the snow:0)
It meant I got more of the cutting out done than I thought I would have time for.  As there are lots of small areas to be cut away, I can only do it in daylight.  Not even the daylight bulb is bright enough- the joys of growing older!
My Mother lives in Buckinghamshire, and as yet the snow has not arrived there yet!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

And it is still snowing!!!

Even though I have tackled the huge pile of ironing, helped Kezzy sort out her pig sty, sorry, bedroom, made Rocky Road and a Bread pudding, I managed to finish stitching this panel.  It will be several days of cutting out now before I can start embellishing.
Nickie and I are supposed to be going to our FET meeting on Saturday, but if the weather is still bad which according to the weather forecast, seems likely, I don't think we will going.

It's a white out!

 Woke up to several inches of snow this morning, and now at 1300 GMT it is still has not stopped snowing.  School is closed for the day!:0)
 As the roads are so slippery, I was going to walk to work, which would have taken over an hour, so, instead I shall sort out my newly acquired beads.  I phoned my friend and said that I wanted to buy them off her-she was not surprised, she knows me too well.

Beads and bits.

When I met my friend on Sunday to go shopping for a Wedding present, she gave me this big box of beading bits she no longer wants, asking me to sell it for her.  I have had a look through and there are some wonderful beads- I might just have to buy it myself!

Monday, 29 November 2010

My friends Wedding was held at Gosfield Hall, I had never heard of it or been there before.  What a stunning venue! 

This was one of the four Christmas trees around the ground floor.

We found this huge log fire to sit around and catch up on everyone's news, as the live band were so loud we couldn't hear each other.

This is the painting that was on the ceiling, it was so high that I had a job to get a decent image of it.  After our natter we danced the night away to the live music- they played some great music that we could jive too.
I just had to take a photo of Tim in his kilt,(in the Library)  I have known him since he was a baby, often babysitting him.  He did a great job making sure everything went smoothly for his Mum.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


To start stitching my flower panel.  I have spent the evening layering up the fabric and tacking it all together.  I hope to get some stitching done tomorrow before going to a wedding. 

Young Embroiderers'.

 Whether it was the weather or Christmas shopping, we didn't get as many girls as usual  to our meeting.  When they see what the girls made today, I think they will regret not being there.  Libby had designed Christmas trees for them to make. 
They were covered  in lace and as much bling as they wanted.  Libby also demonstrated how to make a beaded fringe.
 One tree is missing from the photo's, as  one young lady had to leave early.
The girls made some lovely trees and their parents were delighted with them too!

On a cold and frosty morning........

 I had to leave home before the freezing fog lifted to go to Young Embroiderers'.  As I could see such lovely frost patterns in the hedgerows  on the country lanes to Chelmsford, I decided to stop at Galleywood Common to take some photos.