Monday, 1 November 2010

Back to 'normal'.

During the last couple of days we have travelled well over 700 miles to see  relations.  Hubby was chauffeur luckily, so I was able to do some stitching  while on the various motorways.
This panel is now complete and ready to take to show Pauline at our next FET meeting in a couple of weeks time.
Tomorrow I am out with Diane, shopping at The Range and Ikea.  Then in the evening, I hope to start making my vessel ready for the demo day I am doing at Craft Arena on November 20th.
I cant shake my cough off, I am now onto my 4th bottle of medicine!!


Miriam Weaver said...

The panel looks good, I cant see how Pauline wouldn't be happy with it. Have a good day tomorrow, lots of bargin's in the Range.
Maybe you need to try inhaling something for your cough, I find that helps sometimes! Get better soon.

Unknown said...

looks fantastic, hope all goes well at the show (& dose up with the Beechems)

artymess said...

Looks amazing Sharne .....great colours i have been heavily into orange and blue recently ...x