Monday, 8 November 2010

Spider repellent.

One of Kezzy's friends who came round yesterday, was admiring the  bowl of Indian Horse Chestnuts.  He told me that 'Conkers' in the room keep,spiders away.  Diane might not get all of those nuts, as I have a phantom spider who keeps spinning tiny little webs on my light. 

In between being go-for and and assistant to Hubby's DIY yesterday, I managed to do a bit more to my sample vessel.  Two more seams left to sew, all being well, I can then make the 'real' one.



Your vessel is gorgeous. As always your work is very beautiful and I always wonder how you manage to get so much done!

I heard about horse chestnuts before. My Nan has always sworn that conkers keep spiders away. The spiders don't like something about them. This time of year my Nan has a conker in every room corner and by gaps under doors :o)

Sending hugs x

Diane Kelsey said...

I need bucket loads of them!