Sunday, 31 May 2009

Ignoring the dust

The sun shinning made me decide that the dust could carry on protecting my furniture for a few more days. Instead I spent a large amount of today tidying up my very neglected garden. Alan spent the day playing 'Ed the Shed', fitting lots of shelves and cupboards for the many things that he just has to keep for 'just in case'. I shouldn't complain really, because the 'just in case' have at times, proved to be very useful.
I have been suffering with-drawl symptoms not having any stitching to do since finishing my wall hanging. So late this afternoon, I cut up some 'fabric' I had made on the embellisher last week and hadn't done anything with due to the funeral, visits to Court and hospital. I decided to make some fabric cuffs and even Kezzy decided to do some stitching with me. What a lovely Sunday afternoon! I am helping out at my Guilds Y.E. on Saturday and she has said that she wants to come along to that too!

Back to work tomorrow, GROAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, 30 May 2009


Just watched the last section of Britain's Got Talent, to see the results.
Diversity won!!!!!!

A giraffe in the garden.

The roads were empty for my drive to Cambridge today, the sun was shining and I had the sun-roof down-BLISS!!!!!
Every time I drive up to Cottenham, I am intrigued by these works of art that are in a garden that I drive past. So, today as I was early, I stopped to have a look. They are amazing. There is an invitation to take photo's and children are allowed to sit on them .

I love the giraffe!

Sutton Hoo was in the local newspaper last week, celebrating 70 years since its discovery. Today was spent sorting out the final details for the exhibition.It is interesting to see all the work that has been done by the group using Sutton Hoo as the inspirational source. All so varied. Nickie and I are stewarding next Sunday, so we shall be able to have a really good look at all the work.

Everyone had to take an item of food for lunch, so I made a fresh fruit brulee. We had a wonderful feast! I will need to do a lot of gardening tomorrow to burn off those extra calories.

Friday, 29 May 2009

The dodgy dealer saga continues.

I had to go back to Basildon Courts again today to swear an affidavit, the problem was that I thought I just had to read a few words over the Bible. NO SUCH LUCK!!! Another form to fill in!!!!! So after a quick dash round the supermarket, threw everything in the fridge, cupboard and freezer when I got home, filled in the dreaded forms and back to Basildon to do the Oath. I now have to wait until the end of June to find out what will happen next. It is now 1 year since he (read, Dodgy Dealer) took the granite worktops and money. The wheels of justice grind very slowly and he is ignoring all the legal correspondence!
I have also been out finding vinyl flooring covering for hubby who wants some for his new shed. He was quoted £180, 'No way! Not for a grotty shed!' I said. So I had to find a better deal. Mission accomplished and he will be going out tomorrow to buy it.
I have packed and labelled up my work ready to go to Cottenham tomorrow. Nickie can't make it, so I shall be taking her work for her. It will be very cosy in my Smart car with all the boxes.
My son, Rhodri has been working on my postcards and business cards. The business cards are printed and cut up but the postcards won't be finished in time to take tomorrow, but he has made a smashing job of them so far. As I am stewarding next Sunday I will take them up then. This time next week the exhibition will have been hung!

Thursday, 28 May 2009

An evening of chocolate.

A lovely relaxing evening scrapbooking and eating chocolate (a vital ingredient for one of these evenings) with my eldest daughter and friends. My scrapbook is being made for Kezzy's eighteenth birthday- just as well I've got a few years to finish it!!!! I was able to give my friend Jennie, the canvas I have made to celebrate her sixtieth birthday and when she renewed her vows.
My mother is creative with flowers, so after a mammoth flower buying trip, she was left in my kitchen to make three floral tributes for my Great Aunt.

My brother wanted bright, so we got orange flowers for him.

I love pink with acid green.

Mum chose pink, Aunties favourite colour.
They survived the journey to Norwich well, and though it was a sad occasion, I found some relatives that I didn't know existed! All the old family photo's were got out as one new member of the family is trying to work out the family tree.
I am very worried about my surviving Great Aunt and I shall be going to stay with her in the Summer holidays for a few days.
It was then a three hour drive, cross country to take Mum home, before another two hours back to Essex. Very numb nether regions when we got home late last night.

I have spent this morning looking after my Grandson Josh while his little brother went swimming. I made some very bright green play dough for him. I have got everything ready for going back to work on Monday, and now I am going to start sorting out my bits for Cottenham on Saturday. I still haven't got my postcards sorted yet!!!! It is our last F.E.T. meeting before our exhibition at Sutton Hoo.
No stitching tonight as I am meeting up with friends for a Scrapbook night.

Tuesday, 26 May 2009


I gave Mum a helping hand deadheading part of her front garden yesterday morning, this is only part of the frontage. I find it a very relaxing job. while I was doing this Alan was cutting the lawns with help from Kezzy. This is one job that gets her out of bed as she likes to drive the sit-upon mower. She has now decided she wants to drive tractors for a living!!!!
After lunch we packed up and headed home to a wet Essex bringing my Mother with us.

I manged to mount and frame my wall hanging, I got my staple gun at Homebase in the end. I hope that Pauline will be happy with it when I take it up to Cambridge on Saturday. The photo is not very good, I will have to talk to my dear son to see if he can take a picture with his Super Duper camera for me to post.


The weather was so good that straight after a breakfast we all went for a stroll round my mother's garden. It is a couple of acres and when she bought it, it was just a bare field. Now, it has a small wooded area, a 'Monet' style pond and trees for Kezzy to climb. I took lots of photos of flowers and trees for an inspirational source at a later date.

After lunch it was up to Northampton to meet up my 'step' children to sprinkle Malc's ashes in Salcey Forest. There is a wonderful spiders web on a tree stump there and this is where we put Malc to rest. I hope now that Kezzy gets closure.

When we got home to Mum's we watched Britain's Got Talent, as two of the members of Diversity I have known since they were three years old, having been through KG1 at my school where I work. They are through to the final, so I have got my fingers crossed for them.


Saturday morning we set off for my mother's via Stoke Mandeville so my husband could visit a model railway exhibition. I wasn't complaining because they always have good tool stalls there and I needed a staple gun to mount my wall hanging for Sutton Hoo.
It took us a lot longer to get there than usual as there was a horrific nine car pile up on the M25. The Air Ambulance landed on the road just in front of us, and the police and fire crews were kept very busy sorting out the carnage. Some poor family received some tragic news that day and I feel for them having lost one of my sons in a car accident.
I didn't get my staple gun but I did get another pair of craft scissors and a respirator.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Textile exhibition.

Nickie and I went to the private viewing of Night and Day Textile Group's exhibition 'Treasures of the Sea' this evening at the Maeldune Centre, Maldon, Essex. They had a very good turnout, it was a bit of a squash when we first got there, but lovely to see it so well supported. Some lovely textiles to view and some design books, which I love to look through. Some members from our E.G Branch are part of this group. The exhibition is on until June 13th.
Tomorrow we are off to Buckingham, stopping at Stoke Mandeville so that my husband can go to a model railway exhibition, then on to Mums. On Sunday we are going to Northampton to sprinkle Malc's ashes (Kezzy's Dad). Then back to Essex on Monday. My mother is coming back with us for a few days. Don't think I will be doing much stitching this week as I have rather a lot to fit in.
Happy Bank Holiday!!!!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

I have used trapunto to pad out the faces and hands on my wall hanging, I was hoping that I would start framing it tonight, but no such luck.
Tomorrow evening I am going to the Maeldune Centre in Maldon with Nickie, as we have been invited to the private viewing of an exhibition. It is the work of a group of ladies who are mentored by Melinda Berkovitz (having a senior moment- I can't remember the name of the group,I will post the name next time) These visitors spent the day on our school lawns yesterday, not worried at all about the comings and goings of staff or children! They don't like crab sticks!!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2009


I have at last finished beading the wall hanging for Sutton Hoo and all I need to do now is stuff (botox) the faces of the soldiers. The end is in sight, I have enjoyed stitching it, and I shall miss having something to hand stitch on at work.
The countdown on my blog went haywire and I have had to remove it. It decided to start counting down to New Year 2010!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Springfield Quilters.

Tonight it was decided that this group will close after the next month's meeting. I felt very sad as I have met so many lovely people and learnt such a lot through getting involved in this group. Being a small group, there was not enough money coming in to pay speakers, without speakers, new members weren't joining. I am very lucky to be a member of a thriving Embroiderer's Guild Branch (80+ members), but I know that other E.G. Branches like our patchwork group are struggling to keep going. A big 'thank you' to Delia FFitch who invited me to the very first meeting of this group and then encouraged me to do my C & G's.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Kim Thittichai

I tried to post last night but my computer wouldn't play ball. It was a great night, Kim was very entertaining and informative.She was also very generous to our Branch. A picture of Kim with Nickie our Chairman.
Below are some picture of her work.

If you are in Brighton this week and want to see more of her work, she has got an open house with 13 other artists with work to view or buy. For info:-
I shan't be able to go as I am off to Buckingham for the holiday weekend.
On Saturday, our branch held a workshop with Janet Bolton. Below is the work that Deb stitched, isn't it lovely?

Off to Springfield Quilters tonight, this is the group that started me off on my textile journey.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Travel Journal workshop

My workshop for Schoolhouse Arts took place yesterday, and though some people who had booked, who due to unforeseen circumstances, couldn't make it at the last moment, we had a lovely day. I shall look forward to seeing the journals finished. The journal I made yesterday, has gone home with my daughter, Sam, who popped round for coffee today, before I could take any photos. She is off to Norfolk tomorrow with her hubby and 2 boys. I hope the weather improves!
Managed to get the photo of Nickie eating again! While I was out, hubby had two friends come round to help him put up the new shed, the old one being too small for all the bikes and tools. In return I cooked up pots of Vindaloo, Madras and Sag Aloo curry followed by fresh fruit brulee.

Today he has been busy, in spite of the weather, felting the roof. I have tried to think up some ideas for my bag that I have to make for Sutton Hoo-the problem is I only have 1 night in this week.

Tomorrow night it is Embroiderer's Guild, and we have Kim Thittichai as our speaker.
Too late and too tired to blog. I will post tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 May 2009


My methods and Health and Safety are typed, bags packed, all set for Saturday and my workshop. A change of venue from Fambridge to East Hannigfield. We should be back in Fambridge for our next workshop which is a felt making dabble day. I will post an image of the canvas tomorrow night all being well.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


The canvas is not quite finished as my printer was playing up last night, it would not print in sepia, I wasted lots of time, ink and paper. Finally got it right this evening, though my son says he thinks its still a bad print and time to get a new printer!

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Didn't they do well!

I have just spoken to my friend who held the charity breakfast on Sunday and she told me that £450 was raised for Little Haven's Children's Hospice. Well done Mick and Jennie, please do another one soon.
I need to finish a canvas tonight before I can do some stitching.

Monday, 11 May 2009

Sad news from Norwich.

I have had a phone call to say my Great Aunty Julia died tonight at 7pm., the worry now, is how Great Aunty Doris will cope. Buckingham Palace officials had contacted G.A. Doris to confirm that G.A. Julia was in fact 105 next month, as the Queen had been going to send Aunty Julia a birthday card for her 105th birthday.
My job tonight is to make a birthday card for my lovely mature friend, Eric who is 96 tomorrow. I try and visit him once a week, he is so interesting to talk to.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

A great way to start a Sunday.

My day started at the charity breakfast at my friends house and as the weather was good we were able to eat outside in the garden. It was well supported, though I don't know how much was raised just yet. I tried to do some beading while I was chatting to my friends but the bead mat kept getting blown over with the sudden gusts of wind, so I had to give up-I will do some tonight. My friend below is doing the moon walk next weekend and needs to build up her carb intake -well that's her excuse anyway!

I am teaching at Schoolhouse Arts next Saturday, so I have spent this afternoon getting my bags packed. As they will be making a travel journal there is a lot for me to take.
Off to do some more packing.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Not long now.

WOW!!!! is the only way I can describe the work that I saw today when we had to show Pauline Verrinder what we had made for the Sutton Hoo exhibition, I can't wait to see it all in situ. We all have doubts about not being good enough when we see other peoples work, and I have had plenty of those, but my work will be in the exhibition.
Ann showed us how to make business cards this afternoon, she is a real wizz with a computer.

As you can see I am still beading, and then the soldier is going to get some botox! All work has to be finished by the 29th May!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow morning I am going to my friends charity breakfast to raise funds fo Little Havens, our local children's hospice.

Friday, 8 May 2009


I have had my weekly trip to Craft Arena ( no affiliation) today, a treat to myself after a very busy week at work. I am thinking about making the bag for Sutton Hoo in silk, so popped there to see what Denise had. I found a lovely dupion, not too slubby. I need to decide now on what colours to dye it.
I have also carried on stitching beads on the wall hanging, as I am using a size 15 bead it is taking quite some time. Tomorrow, Nickie and I are off to Cottenham for our F.E.T. meeting, Pauline will selecting work for the exhibition.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The scroll

Now to get on with beading my wall hanging -STILL!!!!! and start a bag. I also want to make a book and a vessel. Time is marching on and I'm running out of time!!!

My lounge has a wonderful smell, I picked some Lilly of the Valley from my garden. It reminds me of my late Grandmother it was her favourite flower, and as her birthday was in May I always gave her some of these flowers or talc with this perfume.

Monday, 4 May 2009

A busy May Day weekend.

On Saturday my friend was 60 and her husband arranged for them to renew their wedding vows as a surprise present for her. Friends and family gathered at my local Church for a lovely service. While waiting for her to arrive I couldn't resist taking a photo of this stained glass window as the sun was shining through it. It was then off to the local pub for a lovely meal and a chance to catch up with my friends.

Yesterday it was off to Norwich to see my Great Aunts. Aunty Julia is still quite poorly, heavily sedated to ease the pain. She is in a nice home and it didn't smell and the nursing staff seemed very caring. Aunty Doris(she the younger (101) blind aunty) is coping well, though lonely. I hope to get up there again soon. I was tired (more emotionally I think than physical) after the four hour plus journey that I was unable to sew very many beads on my wall hanging, before my bed was calling me.

This morning Nickie and I went to New Hall School. They were having an Open Day and it gave us a chance to look around it with a view to using it for our Embroiderer's Guild Area Day in 2011. The school was on the Time Team program on Easter Monday, as, at one time King Henry VIII had built a palace here for, they believe Princess Mary. ( Palace of Beaulieu) These are some of the remains of the Palace that they unearthed.

What a wonderful sundial on the school!

On the way back I stopped off at a boot sale. I hadn't been there very long when it clouded over very quickly and started to spit . All the stall holders started to pack away their goods but I did manage to find this ecru necklace with lots of beads for my wall hanging.

When I got home I tackled the mountain of ironing before allowing myself any 'me' time. I was going to have tassels on my machine wrapped cords on my map, but they were too fussy. Instead I mad some Tyvek beads, wrapped with wire and with the same beads that are on the edging. After zapping, while still warm and malleable I squashed them to make them plumper.

I am now going to put the finishing touches to my map(fingers crossed) as it would be nice to have a piece of work that is completely finished!

Friday, 1 May 2009

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No stitching to report as I was at the E.G .committee meeting last night. As soon as I get in from the meeting, I have to type up the minutes and e-mail them out because I am afraid I will forget what my notes mean if I leave it a couple of days. I should have done shorthand when I had the chance!
After school today I popped to Craft Arena to get C.P.S., (hope to start reading it in bed tonight) Denise also had some beads that are the right colour and size (fingers crossed) for my wall hanging.
On the way back from Asda, having done the weekly food shop, I had to take a detour as there were bad traffic jams on my usual route home. I just had to stop my car and take the following two photo's.These bluebells are in Norsey Woods, which is just down the road. It is a mass of bluebells, I shall have to go back earlier in the day to get a better picture. The wood is copiced and remains of a Roman camp have been found there.
As soon as I got home, I went in the front door, through the house and out the back door to get a picture of this sunset. Looks like the weather is going to be good tomorrow!