Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Round Robin Challenge

I have been to Margaret's and delivered my fabric for her to stitch and collected her fabric to pass onto Nickie tonight, as we have an Embroiderers' Guild committee meeting.

Kezzy is home, she has had a great time, night-time exercises, shooting and for leisure, a trip to the pictures to see the new Alice and Wonderland film and to The Royal Airforce museum in London. Loads of wet and dirty washing to keep me busy!

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Today started off with a trip to the hairdresser to get a very much needed cut. Then this afternoon I had a funeral to attend for a young man I have known since he was four. Ironing and then off to babysit my grandsons. The day nearly over, I have dyed some fabric so that I can have some hand stitching to take to my Mothers for the Easter break.
Tomorrow, Kezzy is home from her week away with the ATC's. Off to visit Margaret first thing to deliver my Round Robin Challenge fabric.

Monday, 29 March 2010

Devore sample.

It was an expensive start to my day this morning- a visit to the opticians and I need new glasses;0( then in to school to get paperwork sorted for the beginning of the new term.
As you can see I have posted my devore sample- this is how it was made:-
The viscose velvet was taped to the table right side to the table. The devore paste was then used to draw the pattern over the back of the fabric, (words have to be written in reverse).
Left to dry. When completely dry, using a hot iron, iron the back of the fabric. Wash and dry. Dye. I used raspberry and mid blue. The devore fluid flowed quite quickly and to get better control next time, I need to keep the bottle more upright.
This evening I have made this very large tag for my daughters wedding anniversary using my new Paper Artsy stamps.


I came home with money in my purse which is quite unusual. I didn't have a shopping list of 'must haves'. BUT when I saw the Paper Artsy stand I had to buy some of their stamps, I love the way they mix and match. I found some small shisha mirrors and little flower cup sequins on Glitterati,.... by the time I started shopping, the show was coming to a close so got a bargain with these packs of tweed samples. The wool has a really unusual texture, don't know why I need it but it is so different, it has got rubber in it!
I also bought a small bottle of devore paste and lots of sheers in a range of colours.


After YE, I then drove to my Mother who lives near Buckingham, about 2 hours away on a good day. My luck was in, the M25 was running smoothly. A lovely girly evening with lots of chatting and chocolates!
By staying with my Mother I didn't have to leave for Birmingham until 8.30. Another good drive.
One of the first exhibitions I saw was these wonderful felt hangings by the Scottish Heritage Standards. This one looked like it had been painted, the colouring being so subtle.
I enjoyed the fashion show even though I wouldn't have been able to wear anything that was being modelled, some very talented students.

This won first prize in the Maderia UK competition, Glimpses of the Swinging
Sixties. So much to look at in this piece, very clever!
I visited all the other exhibitions, but can't post any pictures as I said to theexhibitors that all my photo's would be for personal use only-sorry!
A quick natter with Lynda Monk very busy demoing on AVG, I also attended the lecture by Jane Hall.

I just missed Dionne Swift's talk, but I did make a devore sample which is dyeing at the moment, I will post a photo later when it is washed and dried. I thought there was a lot of messing around to this technique, but Dionne made it very straight forward.

It is the first time that I have been to this show and because there were three shows under the one roof I found PLENTY to see, not leaving until the show closed at 5pm.
What did I buy? I will post that in my next blog.

Janet Bolton inspired workshop

The workshop on Saturday was inspired by Janet Boltons work. Hearts and Lovebirds for February, so it could only be chickens or rabbits for March. Libby who ran the workshop, bought her work along to inspire the girls, they gathered their fabrics and they got their heads down and stitched- NO bondaweb used.

After lunch the girls started adding their own individual touches

I loved this one-it reminded me of the film 'Chicken Run'.

A little bit more stitching at home to complete these works of art- at our next session if the girls bring their pieces back they will be made into cushions.

Friday, 26 March 2010

2 sleeps to the NEC

My initial idea for my 60's/70's wall hanging was to work in sheers, making a 'film strip' of a famous face to represent certain years. I then decided that I had seen quite a few textiles using film strips in different ways, so I am having a re-think. As I had started this sample before reaching this decision I thought I might as well finish putting it together- glad I did, as I have learnt how hard it is to stop sheers slipping when trying to cut a long edge with a soldering iron! (I have already machined stitched this picture of Twiggy, just love it!)

These are the books I have been delving into over the last few days.

A busy weekend ahead- off to YE tomorrow, then I was going to visit Margaret to swap our RRC fabric, but as I have had a chest infection, and I didn't want her catching it I am not going until next week. Nickie and I were going to the NEC on Sunday but she has had to drop out due to family visiting, so I shall drive down to mums tomorrow after YE, have some girly time with her and then on Sunday, drive onto the NEC which is then only an hour away! Looking forward to seeing the Fibrefusion exhibition and seeing whats new. I don't have a shopping list this time but I am going to be looking for some machine threads for Nickie.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

What a difference a day makes!

A large dose of steroids and an early night last night, and I am well on the way to feeling like me again. I am off to my play room to do some playing;0)

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

We have had a call from Kezzy and she has arrived at the Airforce base in Buckingham, and hasn't lost anything YET!
Nothing creative to show as I have been fighting a chest infection the last couple of days. Last night I gave in and got an appointment for late this evening. I then had to go half way to Southend to find the night chemist to get all my medications as the doc said I HAD to start it tonight. I am off to bed with a hot chocolate and hopefully I will be doing something creative tomorrow night.

Monday, 22 March 2010

Round Robin Challenge part two

Today is the day when I said I would tell the RRC's where they have to send their fabric too, as it must arrive by the end of the month, I thought this would allow time for snail mail.
Di's fabric -Deb
Nickie's fabric-Di
Sharne's fabric-Margaret
Deb's fabric-Sharne
Margaret's fabric-Nickie.
The next stage is quilting, I will post photo's when my fabric comes from Deb
I added the final bits to this travel journal last night, I am giving it to my Mother for her to use when we take her to Cornwall in the Summer holidays. I have been thinking about making one for Kezzy, but as she is joined at the hip to her computer, I am not sure that she will want to waste valuable Internet time filling it in.

The Midsummer- Night's Dream angel was well received today, I ended up staying at the 'do' a lot longer than I had planned.;0)
I am now trying to find some inspiration for my wall hanging that I have to make for our exhibition in September, I am reading articles and looking at images at the moment for the 60's and 70's

Sunday, 21 March 2010

More signs of Spring

The first flower on my Camelia was a welcome sight this morning.
Kezzy had to make a texture collage for her art GCSE, so we went round the house and garden and she took quite a lot of photo's which I then showed her how to make into a collage with Flickr.

My miniture daffs have bloomed with all the warmth too. It was so mild that we had a cup of tea on the deck this afternoon and watched the horses in the field behind our garden. This evening has been spent naming and packing all Kezzy's kit for her week away with the ATC's, she has to take so much it will be a job to shut the case when we put the final bits in on Wednesday morning!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Playing with paint and paper

The drama teacher at school, had to leave very suddenly due to ill health quite a few weeks ago. On Monday we are having a retirement do for her, we have had a collection and all signed a huge card. I decided today that I wanted to make her a retirement angel to wish her well. I have used text from Midsummer- Night's Dream' on the dress and I have stamped and painted the face, it took me several attempts to get the face right, wings made from vellum.
On Monday I have to email the Round Robin gang to let them know where they have to send their fabric too for the next step of the Challenge.

Friday, 19 March 2010

The firemen spent two hours at our school today, getting their kit on and off:0), letting the children explore their fire truck and shoot water from their hoses.

A very pleasant Friday morning!Tonight I have stamped gold dollar symbols over my fabric in a random manner. I have had the house to myself tonight- something that is very rare. Hubby and Kezzy have gone out to dinner at an ATC event.
Time for reading some blogs before bed.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

More Round Robin

After my 'fabric' had dried the green was quite insipid. I decided to attack with my Craft Notion Colour Sprays. While I have been waiting for it to dry I have made some foam stamps to decorate the background. I just hope that the newsprint is not obliterated now by the addition of extra colour. I'll have to wait until tomorrow night to find out!
Exciting morning for my children at school tomorrow, we have got the firemen coming with their truck, lots of staff have decided that they have got good reasons to come and visit my class during the morning.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Round Robin fabric started

I have been doing a fair bit of schoolwork tonight ready for next term, but I have managed to grab an hour to start creating my fabric for the Challenge. As you can see it is very green! I have changed tack from my first initial thoughts due to my printer not working. I have ended up looking at the differences between North and South America.
The USA the richest country in the North, population of New York 19,541,453.
Bolivia is the poorest country in South America,and their population 9,684,093.
The nick name for the dollar is the Greenback
Bolivia is situated on the Andes and has the Rainforest running through it- hence using green as the dominant colour.
Bolivians trying to make money to live are cutting down the Rainforest to grow coca, a sacred plant to the indigenous people. The use of the plant dates back to the Aztecs and has been used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes, it is as much a part of their daily life as coffee is to us. The Bolivians chew or brew it to stave off hunger or exhaustion and to ease the effects of high altitude of living in the Andes. Pope John Paul drank coca tea on his visit to Bolivia in 1988. Now the plant is being used to produce cocaine. The USA is trying to stop the drug being grown BUT they are also the biggest legal importer of coca to make Coco-Cola. It is imported by Stepan Chemicals in Illinois.
So far I have torn up pages of the Wall Street Journal to represent the wealth of USA, it has been stuck to a base fabric with CMC, cotton gauze was then placed on top and all of it has been coloured with Brusho inks. Just got to wait for it to dry now. I wont be doing anything on it tomorrow as my daughter and friends are coming round for a craft evening- I am supposed to be showing them how I use alcohol inks.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Mary Sleigh

One of the girls at work bought me in a Russian newspaper, I have been wanting one of these for some time, just for the font. I don't have anything planned that I needed it for just an offer that I couldn't refuse. I took Kezzy to the hospital for her pre-op assessment and everything is in place for her to have her teeth out on 9th April, luckily it's in the school holiday so I wont have to have time off work.
Three more mini sock monkeys turned up at our Guild tonight, they are being made by our members for our Regional Day tombola next July.

Mary Sleigh was our speaker tonight and we have all gained a lot of knowledge from her. She had some wonderful jewellery and slides to show us. I used African textiles as a design source when I was doing my C&G a few years ago.

This is a very small picture of a sari bought back from India by Mary, made from silk gauze and very fine hand embroidery by young girls ages 16-20, it was stunning!

I was lucky enough to win this turban cloth that Mary had donated. We have a lady who provides very wonderful raffle prizes for our Branch, the draw back is, that if you win you have to make something with your prize and bring to the next meeting, winning this prize counts me out of that!:0)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Spring has sprung!

I have heard from Shona who won one of my OWOH prizes to say that it got there safely and has mentioned me on her blog.
I also got a mention from Lynda on her blog about my rust vessel.
My feet have hardly touched the ground this weekend, had a lovely day in Cottenham, stitching on velvet, just as it was time to pack up I started to get an idea how I could possibly do something with velvet, but not at the moment!
My grandsons didn't wake up at all so managed to catch up on some magazine reading.
Today it was a very early start to get to Mum's before the M 25 got too busy. A good journey both ways luckily. Mums garden was a picture as usual, lots of lovely Spring flowers. In fact when my oldest daughter was playing with Google maps tonight, mums house came up with her working in her garden!

This evening has been spent getting ready for work tomorrow:0( and naming up and collating the EG Annual Review to hand out tomorrow night. With over 80 members, who like their 'post' in alphabetical order, it takes quite a bit of time.

Just time to read a few blogs before bed

Friday, 12 March 2010

A busy few days ahead.

Off to Cottenham tomorrow for our meeting of FET ( an early start), we are going to be doing something with velvets;0).When I get home, I am then babysitting my two grandsons so my daughter can go out and celebrate her birthday with hubby and friends- a late night!
Then up early again on Sunday as I am driving to Buckingham to see my mother(about a two hour drive, M25 permitting)
Monday Kezzy has an appointment at the hospital- a pre-op assessment for her operation next month on her teeth, then Monday night is EG and we have Mary Sleigh coming to our Branch.

Nothing more to show yet for my Round Robin, I am really enjoying doing the research on the America's, I shall hope to do something on Tuesday towards making my cloth.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Round Robin started???

I have written up my notes for tomorrows Parents Evening, so time to start the challenge. I have put pen to paper trying to get some ideas for making my Round Robin fabric. I like to start my new projects this way- its surprising sometimes where these odd words can lead you. Not sure yet where I shall be going with this just yet. I think need to do some more research.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I have knuckled down and my reports are now finished. It's my own fault that I have taken so long as I haven't done anything to them since last Thursday night. I have parents evening this Thursday so I couldn't dally any longer. Its a nice feeling knowing that they're done.
Time to think about 'America's' now for the Round Robin.

Monday, 8 March 2010


I took my CPS to read and my rust vessel to stitch at the hospital today. I am glad that I did. I read my CPS, not as good as last issue I thought, and finished my vessel. The vessel is 10" tall and made with the teabag/caustic soda dyed Tyvek (ala Lynda Monk). The motif was stencilled on the front using matte medium and rusting powder. As rust isn't perfect, I then wiped away some of the powder so the image was 'aged'. Holes for stitching were made with my soldering iron and using a thread 'dyed' with vinegar and rust powder, I have cross-stitched the vessel together.
Hubby was only supposed to be in the minor op dept an hour, but due to running late and the doctor being called away we were there three hours. At least I was able to make good use of my time!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rust vessel

Having made evenly spaced holes with my soldering iron, I am now starting to stitch the sides of the vessel together. I've only stitched on seam completely so far.
Trying to make up my mind what part of the America's to use for my inspiration for my piece of cloth that I have to make for the Round Robin. I am thinking Peru and the Nazca people. I will ponder a bit more. The others in the Round Robin don't seem to have started on their cloth yet either!

Gaudi revisited

I have spent the best part of this afternoon, helping my daughter with her art homework. She has had to analyse Gaudi's work. I went to Barcelona a few years ago and was inspired by his work. In fact I used it as my inspiration for the vessel I had to make for my C&G. So out came my old sketchbook, photo's and books-he was a truly amazing architect!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

A bit of stitching

Feeling chilled, sat in the lounge watching an old episode of Lewis on the television whilst beginning to construct my rust vessel. I hope to do some more tomorrow night!

Art Van Go

Art Van Go was at Textiles in Focus the other weekend. As regular readers of this blog know, Nickie, Margaret and I are members of Fen Edge Textiles, anyway, there's photos of our work from the exhibition on their blog. ;0)
My prize from Genies giveaway arrived this week, and I couldn't post pictures until I was home early enough to have natural daylight. I received an altered cd which hangs up, an encuastic wax A.T.C
a lovely napkin, so fancy fabrics a handmade bead and tag and some embellished felt squares. Thank you very much Genie
I made a quick dash into Craft Arena on Thursday and picked up the latest CPS. I have only flicked through it as I am going to take it to the hospital on Monday as hubby is undergoing surgery. He has a skin cancer on his head which they are going to cut out under local anaesthetic, and then do a skin graft. As I could be there some time, I will need something to read.

Yesterday I really enjoyed my walk from the car park to my classroom. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it felt that Spring was not far away.;0) I am so lucky as my school is on the edge of a park with lots of mature trees, so there is always plenty of wildlife to see.
Today we have had to go out shopping, as Kezzy is off (permission pending from school) for a weeks ATC camp in Buckingham in a few weeks time. This is my only free weekend to chase round locating the various bits of uniform that we have not needed before now.
I have not got any further with my vessel, last night I had a night off from report writing and was surfing the net researching for forthcoming topics at school.
I hope to do something creative tonight-fingers crossed

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Apart from continuing with my reports, I have also got all the booking forms for the traders we want for our Regional Day ready for the post tomorrow. Then, a small bit of me time on the sewing machine, stitching the edges around my rust vessel

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Busy, busy

But not being creative. Still working on my reports, I always take a bit of time to get into the swing of writing them. Trying to tell the truth nicely.
Also had to do some work for Regional Day, I have been needing to type up the booking form for the Traders, but our printer has been playing up, anyway, its now sorted.

Monday, 1 March 2010

Round Robin Challenge

I have not been able to put it off any longer, so tonight I have started to write my school reports for my cherubs. I rewarded myself by having a little play- I have painted and cut out the lining for my rusted Tyvek vessel. Tonight was the night I sent out the Round Robin Challenge to Di, Margaret, Deb and Nickie. I have got the America's for my theme. I will need to get thinking, the fabric has to be created and passed on to the next person by 31st March.