Tuesday, 30 November 2010

It's a white out!

 Woke up to several inches of snow this morning, and now at 1300 GMT it is still has not stopped snowing.  School is closed for the day!:0)
 As the roads are so slippery, I was going to walk to work, which would have taken over an hour, so, instead I shall sort out my newly acquired beads.  I phoned my friend and said that I wanted to buy them off her-she was not surprised, she knows me too well.


Regina said...

A day to bead...stay inside..keep warm and just have fun...SNOW can be a good thing ^_^

Our weather is acting totally crazy here. High today is 73 and humid, tomorrow the high is 53 and windy. No wonder I stay so confuzzled..LOL


Julie said...

We've had more snow here in Lincolnshire overnight too and it's been snowing on and off all day. Our side road is almost impassable as it's on a hill. Not sure my DH is going to be able to get the car back from work.

Julie said...

Might try some snow dyeing if we get some fresh falls - not that I'm wishing for anymore ;-)

Jensters said...

Really enjoyed walking Lola in the snow today i love it as long as i dont have to drive and that means more time in my craft room lol xx

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh looks like home to me! Were expecting another storm today.
Have fun playing with all your new beads and stay warm and dry!

Gina said...

We seem to be in about the only area of the country that hasn't had snow.